What’s the Difference Between Curated Content and Creating Your Own?

Curating Content Vs Creating Your Own

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of information for the purpose of acquiring customers, according to Studio One. It seeks to influence customers in a positive manner but does not actually make a sales pitch. Content marketing may use a variety of formats such as:

  • Case studies
  • Ebooks
  • How-tos
  • Infographics
  • Photos
  • Q&As
  • Video
  • White papersketin

Content marketers have traditionally created their own content but the use of curated content is becoming more popular. This trend in content marketing involves selecting content from one location and placing it in another location. Curating content typically requires you to obtain content from many sources and present it on your website in an organized manner. Content curators concentrate on delivering content to their audience rather than creating new content.

The publisher of curated content may not have explicit publishing rights to the content. Marketing Interactions describes the differences between curating content and creating your own content. The proper selection of content requires you to compare the properties of these two types of content against your specific marketing goals.

Creating Your Own Content

Blogging online with your own content gains exposure for your company when other websites in your industry pick it up. These websites already have an audience that will find your content relevant, which can attract prospects to your company. Creating your own content can also help establish your reputation as an industry expert. This process can occur more quickly when sites that use your content also use the content of other experts, which increases the credibility of your content. Sites that only provide a link to your original post along with its description and title can still benefit you by increasing the inbound traffic to your site.

The most obvious disadvantage of creating your own content is that another site takes your traffic when it copies your original content, even when that site provides a link back to your site. In addition, your content will not be updated with new information on other sites. Readers will need to click the back link to your site if they want to read updates to your content.

Curating Content

Content curation for B2B marketers involves locating and sharing existing content that your audience will find helpful and relevant. The key to great content curation is integrating this content with your own concepts to provide additional value for your audience.

Curated Content can generally be divided into two categories. One category is content about your company or content that references your company’s products. The other category uses curated content for social media exposure, meaning that the content deals with an issue that is important to your audience.

You will typically obtain the maximum benefits from curated content by augmenting your own content, rather than replacing it. This requires you to curate content from sources within the same industry as your company. It is also important to get the author’s permission to copy the content and give credit. You should also provide a back link to the original site.

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