Why Ignoring Video Marketing Could Prove Perilous

Most preparation for videographer careers today includes learning about web video production. This is an area where demand for work will continue to increase and production techniques are relatively simple and inexpensive. Website owners who ignore video marketing trends could find their actions are perilous to their success.

Why Ignoring Video Marketing Could Prove PerilousIs Video the Future of Marketing Content?

Some predict that the written web content of today is going in the same direction that printed products are moving, towards video. Several factors contribute to this trend, including the time-tested truth that a picture is worth 1,000 words. It is easier for some people to be able to watch information rather than to read it. Attention spans are greatly reduced from previous times, sparked in part by new video production techniques, special effects and other elements that make watching video more interesting and a great way to transmit information quickly.

Unlimited Potential

When you consider the potential reach of online video, just think about YouTube videos that get millions of hits worldwide, and that the site gets over a billion unique visitors each month due to its popularity. On top of the initial viewing public, visitors who share links to those videos bring in countless additional viewers. Create an interesting, relevant and informational video on your website and you join this fast growing revolution in video marketing.

Effectiveness of Video

Video Marketing allow you to incorporate multiple channels of effectiveness in a very short time span. You must have clean, concise copy to transmit information, but this is enhanced by your visuals, thus greatly expanding the total amount of information the viewer receives in the few seconds they watch your presentation. In addition, you can show demonstrations, the best possible way to help sell a product or service. It would be very difficult to duplicate this with mere written copy that requires more time and effort to understand and consume.

Web Video Production

Production of video for use on websites is a little different from traditional video production. You still need to tell a story, provide information, entertain and grab attention immediately, but the time factor is a critical component. If your web video is too long, you viewer most likely will lose interest before you get to your call-to-action or prompt for additional information. The shortness of web videos is the key element to their success. Just like a dynamite headline, your video must attract attention, convey instant information and hold viewer interest to the conclusion of the content.

Statistics indicate that roughly half of all companies are now using video content on their websites. If you ignore video marketing, it could prove perilous, leaving your website in the dinosaur category, while viewers migrate to more interesting content at your competitors’ websites.

Those creative people who decide to pursue videographer careers must stay current with trends, including this movement towards short, dynamic web videos. At Artisan Talent, we have plenty of high quality talent connections for you if you are seeking to find producers, or if you are talent searching for work in web video production. Contact us today to learn more.

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