Why You Should Be Proactive and Not Desperate in Your Job Search

When you are a freelancer searching for employment, one thing to put at the top of your list should be a concern for the talent/client match. In other words, you want to match your talent to available jobs. This may mean doing some extra research prior to your interview. This allows you the luxury of being able to concisely explain how and why your skills would benefit that company or organization. It means being proactive, but not desperate, during your job search.

Why You Should Be Proactive and Not Desperate in Your Job SearchWhat Not to Do in your Job Search

Bragging about your skills and talent should not be necessary and could indeed be a turn-off to a hiring manager. These things can be included on your resume of qualifications and skills. What you need to present during an interview or job search is your knowledge of that company and how hiring you would be a benefit to the company. If you break into a long litany of your skills and talents, it would look desperate.

Another thing to be cautious about is your phrasing and tone when speaking with your interviewer. A braggart is self-centered, not a good candidate who would put the company first. You may, in fact, be desperate and willing to take on any job, but that is something worth hiding. For one thing, desperate job seekers are willing to take lower pay and a job that is not really a talent match. What happens next? They leave for something better; hiring managers know that scenario all too well and will not hire that applicant.

If you show desperation rather than being a proactivity, you may be looking for a much longer time. Your desperation, along with any negativity or cynical comments about the job market will be noted and will accompany your resume to the file cabinet or trash container. What an employer seeks are workers who are enthusiastic, positive and willing to learn. Even the most qualified applicant has room to learn new procedures and skills that might be required on a new job. Let the interviewer know you are open to learning and adaptable to changes.

Pay Attention to Office Etiquette

Being overly concerned with your appointment and overjoyed at having this opportunity to possibly obtain the job are viewed as negatives. Don’t call five times to confirm your appointment when one short call the morning of the interview will suffice. Calm down and keep your excitement to yourself or you may be viewed as a little kooky or unstable, more negative qualities.

Following up with a short thank-you note is still good practice, but be clear and to the point. You have already made your sales pitch; this is not the time to restate everything you said at your appointment. A potential employer will be concerned about how you will fit into their organization and how you might represent that organization in the future.

Avoid acting or appearing desperate, despite your personal circumstances or how long you have been searching. Be proactive; do all you can to present yourself in the best possible light. It’s the best possible way to find that elusive job you want. For more help for your job search contact Artisan.

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