Write a Killer Video Script

Write a Killer Video ScriptWhen planning video marketing strategy, it’s always a great idea to write a killer video script for starters. The script is the first item you need to complete, but there are important elements to include as you create that script.

There is a huge difference between an okay script and a killer script. Naturally, you and your client want the dynamite version to create waves of success. Scriptwriting details matter to many people who will work to create your video, including the crew and film editors.

How Film Editors Think

One of the harder tasks in video creation falls into the hands of those in film editor jobs. Editors are a major player in the overall creative process. They use the script but incorporate their own creative shooting and editing techniques to make that script come alive visually and be entertaining, exciting and interesting. They may follow your script comments with regard to overall concept and stage directions, or they may suggest improvements based on their own experience and production talents. The script is still the basic element the entire crew will use, so it needs to be as complete and polished as possible when you move into the actual video production phase.

Video Marketing Strategy

Before you type up even one word of your initial script, you need to determine what the video marketing strategy is to be and create script elements that meet those strategic goals. Determine how making the video fits into the general marketing plan and how it is expected to produce desired results.

  • Begin with a concept brief of the project. This allows everyone who will have input to the script goals to review your concept and to submit suggestions. It also is a way to keep everyone on the same page during production to achieve concept goals.
  • As you work on script creation, keep in mind the “who, what, when, where and why” of the entire project. Focus on meeting stated goals with every word, making each line remain focused on those goals.
  • Call-to-action (CTA) response is your ultimate goal. Determine how to best incorporate CTA into your video.
  • Use Microsoft Word or Google Doc to create your brief template for the video.

Script Essentials

A general marketing video is not something that will be submitted for an Academy Award. It needs only to be elemental in form, short and concise. (Alprazolam) It should nonetheless be done in a professional manner to function well and look good to viewers. Keep your script writing simple, but natural. Completed voice audio should sound normal, have a conversational tone and make perfect sense.

  • Characters should speak plain conversational English. Test this in advance at rehearsal time or during a table read.
  • Online videos generally are short and to the point, with a one to two page script. You want to engage the viewer but not bore them, and you need to get your point across quickly, like a televised commercial.
  • In addition to words, the script needs to contain directions for the scene setting, movements, action, editing and overlays. The script must contain information for all who will be involved in videography and editing.

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