Yahoo Merges Twitter Stream to Search Engine Results

Apparently, Yahoo isn’t done trying to reinvent itself. The premier search engine and free email provider of yesteryear has more recently been making headlines by indulging in a shopping spree of epic proportions, buying out Tumblr for $1.1 billion and Qwiki for a rumored $50 million, even making an unsuccessful power grab for Hulu. Yahoo is now doing something that a lot of people are hailing as an extremely smart move: incorporating Twitter content into its news stream.

CEO Marissan Mayer

In her blog dated May 16, 2013, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced that relevant Tweets would be incorporated into Yahoo’s news feed as a means of providing a real-time news delivery experience.

“Updates direct from politicians, celebrities, media outlets, and other publishers have become an important source of real-time news and information,” Mayer said. “140 characters can connect athletes with their fans, capture live chatter from the red carpet, and inspire global debate.

“Twitter stream’s have become an important information source for many of our users.”

Mayer went on to say that the incorporation of Twitter stream into Yahoo’s news stream will bring a “greater breadth of compelling content” and will “seamlessly include relevant and personalized Tweets alongside stories from Yahoo and our other sources.”


Mayer, who took over as CEO of Yahoo in 2012, has been working overtime to revamp the out of fashion image of Yahoo in an attempt to be competitive with its chief search engine rivals, Google and Bing. But it’s not just the search engine universe that Yahoo appears to have its sights set on – with the recent acquisition of the popular micro-blogging website Tumblr and the highly popular Qwiki video application, Yahoo appears to be taking strategic steps at expanding its reach to grow beyond the limitations of a mere search engine. It has also been gunning heavily for the youth market, a niche that many say can be about as fickle as it can be profitable.

An Opportunity for the Improvement of Brand Visibility

Yahoo’s partnering with Twitter isn’t just a clever move that could give the search engine a major bounce in popularity among current and former users – it’s a lot more than that. It’s clear indication of the relevance of a Twitter steam in the delivery of timely information, whether that information is of a world news nature or a strictly commercial nature. As a result, it could result in increased exposure for commercial brands who know how to use Twitter to their advantage and who have developed marketing strategies to leverage its reach.

Why is it Important?

The fact that Twitter is a social marketing platform that many business owners have failed to fully understand makes Yahoo’s announcement all the more important. Unlike Facebook, which acts more like a constantly evolving website, Twitter is an entirely different animal that has left some marketing professionals scratching their heads. The news that Yahoo is now actively pulling relevant data from Twitter to include in its news feed, however, has opened the up the possibility that commercial Tweeters could experience an increase in traffic through timely postings and smart keyword use.

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