9 Hiring Tips from Top Recruiters

10 Job Hunt Tips from Recruiters to help you get a job

Want to make yourself stand out from the bunch when you’re applying for jobs? Our Artisan Talent Recruiters  have interviewed countless people and seen just about everything when it comes to applications, resumes, and job interviews. Whether you’re applying for an entry level job or are more than half way through your career – here are 9 job hunt tips straight from our recruiters to help you land the it.

1. Tweet

Have a public Twitter profile that shows your personality and is also appealing to those in the industry you want to work in. Don’t forget to follow @ArtisanTalent while you’re there too.

2. Privatize

Keep your personal Facebook profile as clean and as private as possible. Double check your privacy settings at least once a year. Artisan is on Facebook too…follow us for more tips and tricks.

3. Publicize

If you have a blog or website, make sure your job recruiter and/or interviewer has easy access to it. List it on your business cards, resume, Twitter profile and more.

4. Link

Don’t have a LinkedIn Profile?  Sign up right now and start connecting with your current and former colleagues. Don’t forget alumni and email contacts too, you never know who will have a connection to an available job.

5. Respond

Receive a connection request or private mail message on LinkedIn, Twitter, or via email? Make sure you respond with a sincere thank you and the best next steps.

6. Sample

Make sure you have a portfolio with samples of your work. Recruiters and potential employees will want to see them so make them readily available. Create an online portfolio on your personal website and include samples in your LinkedIn profile.

7. Interview

Even if you haven’t scheduled an official interview, create informal ones with industry connections. Ask recruiters or people in the industry you wish to work in questions: buy them coffee, and pick their brain.

8. Network

When attending a professional event, always ask for business cards and take along your own. When connecting with people on LinkedIn afterwards, personalize your request by telling them how you met them, or what interested you about their presentation.

9. Connect

Join clubs that have speakers, networking events, agency tours, and workshops like AIGA or Creative Mornings. Connecting with people in your industry and getting your face in front of recruiters and potential employers is a great way to hear about lesser known job openings.

Any job hunt tips or tricks you would add? Leave a comment or connect with us and let us know.

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