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5 Graphic Design Trends for 2015

2015 will be a year of change in design spheres. According to Paul Boag, co-founder of Headscape, there are some […]

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Graphic Design Ranks in the Top 15 Best Freelance Jobs

Freelancers and independent workers are a growing cadre of the U.S. workforce according to Forbes. “They already account for an […]

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4 Essential Skills for Freelance Graphic Designers

Although the following skills have very little to do with understanding typography, layout, colors, or the graphic design software du […]

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How to Interact with Your New Graphic Designer

The partnership you forge with your new Graphic Designer will strongly affect the external market place image of your company. […]

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The Worst Graphic Design Advice We’ve Ever Heard

In our digitally-focused society, consumers are increasingly skimming web content, searching for salient points before moving to the next thing. This means your […]

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Should You Hire a UI Designer Who Can Do Retina Graphics?

 Retina Graphics Anyone who owns, works with or has seen one of Apple’s retina display devices will tell you that […]

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Graphic Designer Job Description

Art makes you feel something; design makes you do something. A great Graphic Designer combines brand standards, color theory, graphic […]

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Your Road-Map to a Freelance Graphic Design Career

If you are considering making a career change and branching out into a freelance graphic design career, how can you […]

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Quick Lesson: Image Resize, Creating Graphic Designs for Print

There are three main ways to image resize items from the Adobe Suite to fit onto a print-sized product. Using […]

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