Three B2B strategies to Quit Using

3 B2B Strategies to Quit Using


Even if you are incorporating new B2B strategies into your plans, you could still be doing yourself some harm by keeping some old strategies as the forefront. As things update, your strategies need to as well and that doesn’t simply mean bringing in new ideas to go with the old ones. Sometimes you need to completely get rid of old strategies and we can think of three that need to be thrown out this year.

B2B Strategies to Quit
#1: Stop Searching For The New

Tech changes all the time, and with that are new social media platforms, software, and even new strategies. If you chased after each of these new things, you would never focus on the ones that can really change your business. Instead of simply finding the new things and focusing on them until the next new things emerges, develop a plan to implement what you currently have in place. That does not mean that you cannot go after these things eventually, but you need to have a strategy for them. Know what you are chasing after and why. A good way to think about this is when a new social media platform becomes popular. According to this LinkedIn article, before incorporating it in with you mix, look at your current set up to see what is and is not working. Can you improve upon your current set up to better your business and is there even room for the new platform? Knowing this will help you determine if this is a good idea to incorporate.

#2: Failing To Market Without A Clear Vision

Everything you put out with the business name on it is a reflection of the business. If you have not defined your brand, then what are you doing? You need to know if you’re playful. Or are you humorous or serious? This will define your brand and further develop it with your audience. All content sent out needs to align with your brand and if you do not know what your brand is, you need to start by developing your brand statement.

#3: Limiting Your Lead Nurturing

Without even knowing it, you may be limiting the amount of leads that you can gather as a company. If you have a place on the website for people to sign up for updates, you’re starting off right but if this is your only method of getting leads, you have a a lot of work to do. You should consider targeted advertising on several platforms to reach more of your audience. Not everyone is going to find your website so you might as well try to find them too.

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