Bad Interview: 10 Things NOT To Do (in GIFs)

1. Arrive Late

don't be late for an interview gif

Want to seem like you don’t care? Want to start your bad interview right away? Show up late. If we have to tell you why this is, you definitely don’t deserve the job.

2. Chew Gum


Want to annoy your interviewer and look unprofessional at the same time? Chew gum. This is a great way to have a bad interview.

3. Be Rude to the Receptionist


Today’s receptionist is tomorrow’s boss. You never know who you’re meeting, so it’s best to be a normal human and be polite to everyone. Need another reason? Most interviewers will ask their Office Manager or Receptionist for their impression of you after the interview. So be courteous, polite, and don’t steal the pens.

4. Ask Stupid Questions


Yes, there are stupid questions. Things that can be answered in the job description, on the company website, or pre-mature conversations about salary and benefits (see #8) all count as stupid questions and should not be asked.

5. Show up with Starbucks


We all enjoy having something to hold to keep our hands busy, but what do you do with the cup when you’re done if there’s no trash can nearby? What if the office has white carpeting and your spill all over it? What if your interviewer used to work for Starbucks and has bad feelings towards them? Nothing good can come from that. Leave the triple foam half calf mocha latte for after the interview.

6. Dress inappropriately


Research the company you’re interviewing for and see how they dress at the office. No one is going to hire the guy that wore a suit to the company that dons cutoffs everyday or the jean wearing lady that showed up to the corporate office where women dress like it’s the 1950s.

7. Use your phone


Another way to show you don’t care about the job or the interviewer (like #1 and #2)? Use your phone during the interview? Seriously. Keep it on silent and in our bag…not on the table. And definitely don’t check it while you’re in the middle of the interview.

8. Ask about money


There’s a time and a place to talk about salary, rates, benefits, vacation days, and more….but the first interview is definitely not it. Wait until the company brings it up to avoid looking like you’re cashing your first paycheck before you’ve even gotten an offer.

9. Talk about Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Kids, Health Problems, etc…


These are all no-no’s for companies to bring up or consider in your hiring. HIPPA was invented for a reason and you don’t have to answer invasive personal (and often illegal to ask) questions.

10. Skip the Follow Up


Not following up after your interview…that’s just silly. Send an email and a snail mail note to reach the interviewer a few days later and remind them of your fabulousness.¬† Don’t call.

Need more tips to avoid a bad interview?

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