Job Interview Tips You Need Now (Brutally Honest Edition)

Headed to a job interview? Congratulations! Now get to work memorizing these tips so you don’t embarrass yourself.

Prepare for the Interview

brually honest job interview tips prepare

Always have trouble answering a job interview question like “tell me about yourself?” Practice at home. Write your answer down and read it a couple times. Then ditch the paper, stand in front of the mirror and say it to yourself.

Seriously…Prep For Your Job Interview

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Do your research and look up the company you’ll be interviewing with. Embrace your inner stalker and look up your interviewer on LinkedIn. Know as much as you can about who you’re going to meet and the company you want to work for. Follow them on their social media accounts, see who their competitors are, etc.

Walk in Looking Professional

Job interview tips look professional

When you look good, you feel good. So put on your best professional looking outfit and that favorite shade of lipstick. Do a little research ahead of time to see what the office attire is…you don’t want to show up to a job interview in a three piece suit if everyone employed there wears jeans and t-shirts. Ask your recruiter what the dress code is before you go. Ladies – get some job interview outfit ideas from Refinery 29. Gents – The Huffington Post has you covered.

Don’t Be Late – OR – Too Early

job interview tips you need to know

Seriously. Do. Not. Be. Late. Nothing says “I don’t care” like walking into a job interview late. Except maybe walking into a job interview late holding a latte from Starbucks. Set two alarms, walk your route a day early, do whatever it takes to not be late.

On the flip side, showing up more than 10-15 minutes early can make you look desperate and annoy the receptionist who has to stare at you sitting in her waiting room until your scheduled interview time.

Have a Question

job interview questions not to ask

Hate to tell you, but you can make or break the interview during that “do you have any questions for me” part. Don’t blow it by saying no. Have some thoughtful questions stashed in the back of your brain to ask that haven’t already been covered. And no, “when can I start?” or “how much will you pay me?” are not good ones. Here are some other weird questions Fast Company says you should stay away from too. Need some good ideas? Check these out.

Send a Thank You Note

job interview tip send a thank you note

Seriously. A paper, snail mail thank you note. It’ll make your Grandma proud and impress your interviewer. It’s good to follow up via email, but still pop a paper note in the mail. Bonus points if it’s on custom stationary with your name on it.

Follow Up

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You know what they say, out of sight out of mind. Here’s 6 clever after the interview follow up ideas.

Followed all these tips and STILL bombed your interview? Luckily there’s a blog post for that too. Click here to read it. Need more help? Contact an Artisan Talent recruiter today and let them help you nail the interview and find a job.


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