Can an App Help Your Job Search?

Can an App Help Your Job Search?

The majority of Americans own cell phones. We use phones for everything from texting to banking to photography…but can an app help your job search? Chances are, if you’re job hunting, you’ve probably been using your digital device to search and apply for a new gig. This is particularly true for Millennials, who grew up with smart phone technology. According to Pew Research, 10% of Americans own a cell phone but have no computer or Internet connection anywhere else.

Can an App Help Your Job Search?

Unfortunately, many corporate websites have failed to keep up with the latest trends in smart phone usage. This can create an unwieldy and frustrating job application process. CareerBuilder says 40% of job applicants using their devices to apply will give up on the application if the site is not cell phone friendly. The answer for the job candidate isn’t to walk away from a potential opportunity, but to consider an app.

There’s An App For That

There are hundreds iPad, iPhone and Android apps that help your job search. These apps can track jobs by keyword and email you listings as they appear on the market. There are apps that create your resume and cover letter with a personalized signature. Check out some of these apps to streamline and professionalize your job search via phone:

  • Network like crazy with Snapdat by designing and then sending your contact information electronically to your contact list. You can design your own business card, upload a logo, and even have multiple cards. It’s definitely a “cool tool” and it’s free for the iPhone.
  • While the website is a little dull, the Pocket Resume app is anything but. You can create and send out a gorgeous resume from this app, staying 100% on you cell phone with no unwieldy computer needed.
  • Practice makes perfect when you use Interview Pro on your Apple device. There are over 80 great interview questions and answers to review as well as presentation tips for the job interview.
  • If you’re looking to improve your skillset in a particular area, iPQ Career Planner is a very low cost/high yield app. It starts with an assessment of your career strengths and weaknesses and recommends where to build your skills. Then the site offers practice testing, educational classes and other career advancement tools to help you improve.
  • These days finding the perfect job has a lot to do with who you know, so consider using your lunch to network your way to a new career. That’s exactly what LunchMeet is all about. Sign in with LinkedIn, look for available networking connections, and ask them to lunch. Very smart and the app costs absolutely nothing.


We predict that the number of job applications coming directly from smart phones will increase over the next few years. Download these apps to help you create an organized, seamless and professional search process that will keep your career moving in the right direction. In addition to apps, check out Artisan Talent for the latest job openings and job seeker tips. See our current job openings and postings here.

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