A Day in The Life of a Talent Agency Account Manager

Day in the life talent agency account manager

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Talent Agency Account Manager? What do they do all day? What IS an Account Manager anyway?

Working as an account manager, you’ll be the vital link between a company and its clients.

This can be a creative role that is very much about relationship building. The role is very sociable and involves a fair amount of hospitality and making clients and senior management feel good about the accounts and the way they are being handled.

We asked our very own Executive Account Manager Karen Smith to shed some light on the mysterious life of an Agency Account Manager in Digital and Creative Staffing Firm. Here’s what she had to say:

Artisan: How did you end up becoming a Talent Agency Account Manager?

Karen: I worked for Artisan a very long time ago as a Talent Representative and we were much smaller then, so I did Account Management also on our accounts when our Account Managers needed help or were out of the office. I learned how much I loved the client relationships too, and the challenge of balancing an entire account relationship, so I dove head first into corporate America as an Account Manager and came back to Artisan as one year later!

Describe your typical work day

A typical day is being ready and available for anything and everything! It consists of managing relationships and expectations, being a quarterback and running fast; keeping people happy while being realistic and keeping teams on the both client and the internal sides informed. It’s a daily dance of organization and fun when clients and talent and our internal team are all in sync.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job hands down is helping people. By nature I’m a connector, and I really enjoy connecting good people with good people. I love when my clients and their projects are matched with great talent that our team has hand picked. It’s problem solving and puzzle pieces, matching personalities, culture and skills. And we have such a great internal team; a good day at Artisan is really rewarding.

What’s the biggest mistake you see when hiring talent?

The biggest mistake is when someone is too focused on an hourly rate vs. a total project budget and goal. And not focusing on the larger picture as it relates to a higher hourly skilled person that can crush it,  and who works more efficiently based on the best experience for the project goals.

Pick two: fast, cheap, good

What’s the most important part of being an Account Manager?

The most important part is being able to take a step back, being a diplomat, and stripping out emotion. Our job as Account Managers is to keep balls in the air and balanced. There are no “sides” in a great Account Manager. We are here to help assess a goal, and make sure that all parties involved; client side, talent side, and our internal team all feel good, happy, and successful in our matches. If everyone feels good; it’s a total success.

Do you have a favorite company type to work for?

My favorites aren’t company type specific; more people-specific. I can tell when I have found a client whose model and methods of working with a partner like Artisan really matches our model. And I know they will be efficient and a lot of fun to work with.

What are some of your favorite ways to meet potential clients?

Client referrals! There is no better form of flattery than a client who has had a good experience with our process who refers someone they know to me. It means they trust me, and us. Another favorite way is being onsite at a client’s office and being introduced to a client’s colleagues who could also benefit from our help.

And of course reaching out to cool companies I’d love to work with and having great timing and called in for an opportunity to work together with someone brand new.

What careers have you seen grow rapidly and what ones will continue to grow?

User Experience, Digital Marketing, and Content related roles continue to grow and branch out into new related areas.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring creatives?

 Yes! Find partners and people that you trust; people you love working with and work that doesn’t give you a stomach ache. Life is too short to do anything that doesn’t give you happiness. Once you find your niche, stay with it and keep following it. Your path will lead you the right way!


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