Expert Advice: The Art of Instagram

Last week Artisan Talent was proud to co-host The Art of Instagram with AIGA Chicago. Three local Instagramers: Jenna Blazevich of Vichcraft, Social Strategist/Photographer Nathan Michael, and Mike Salvatore, Owner of Heritage Bicycles, along with Lauren Brady, Senior Web Marketing Coordinator of CBRE spoke on our panel moderated by Victoria Pater of Braintree. They talked on the ins and outs of using Instagram to promote your business and gave some great advice on building a brand. Here were some of their best tips.

The Art of Instagram

The Art of Instagram Advice

If you’re taking photos of things you’re actually inspired by, instead of just in your industry, you’re going to find a way to raise the bar. – Lauren Brady

Photography Tips

  • Shooting with your phone is a-okay, but for product shots, consider cleaning them up in Photoshop. “Knowing how to use Photoshop is a big part of having a consistent image on Instagram,” shared Jenna Blazevich
  • “Natural light is your friend” – Nathan Michael
  • Take tons of photos, you never know when you’ll need them. “You have a whole digital agency in your pocket” said Mike Salvatore
  • Consider using an editing app like Vico


  • Use online tools like Iconosquare and Union Metrics to see how your posts are being received, but Nathan Michael wants you to remember, “you can’t necessarily look at the value of a picture and measure it by likes.” It depends on time of day you posted and a number of other factors.
  • Mike Salvatore loves Instagram because you can “reach out to someone anywhere in the world because of Instagram. It’s an open door to get to people who wouldn’t necessarily know about us.”

Jenna Blazevich Art of Instagram

Photo by Vichcraft

Marketing + Exposure

  • “Having an Instagram and consistently posting on it directly relates to how many clients know the work I’m doing.” – Jenna Blazevich. She suggests having “Instagram worthy” products and packaging as many of her clients started posting photos of her packaging, “people are kind of doing my marketing for me.”
  • Nathan Michael concurred with including product photographs on Instagram: “Marketing is king and product is queen. If people don’t know about your product, they aren’t going to buy it.”
  • Mike Salvatore loves watching customers take the time to set up their Instagram photos. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without Instagram. The exposure is immeasurable.”
  • Take time to have conversations on Instagram as well, reminded Nathan Michael, “Social media’s called social for a reason. Don’t be afraid to get out there and make connections.” Like your followers photos, comment, and share them (with permission and credit of course)
  • Instagram is also a great, organic way to put your product out there. Jenna Blazevich says “using Instagram as a marketing tool somehow feels like a little less like I’m being sales-y. It’s a platform where you’re sharing art and beautiful things anyway.”

Need More Instagram Advice?

Learn how to Instagram your way to serious visibility here. Don’t forget to enter our Instagram Contest from March 1st – 31st, 2016 as well! Click here for the details. Happy Instagraming!


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