How to Make Your Business Explode with Reddit

Make Your Business Explode with Reddit

Reddit, the hugely popular social news and entertainment platform, had nearly 70 million unique visitors during the month of April 2013. This is a lot of eyeballs and a lot of people sharing, discussing, and voting on curated content . While many people turn to Reddit for fun, it can be quite helpful in growing your business, if you know what you’re doing.

 How to Make Your Business Explode with Reddit Here are a seven ways you can use Reddit — which touts itself as the slogan “the front page of the internet” — to make your business more visible and learn useful information that will help it grow.

1) Provide your latest news and updates.

Existing and prospective customers are almost always interested in knowing what is fresh with your business, whether it is a launch of a new product or service or an exciting event your company is holding. Create your own Subreddit, which is simply a subforum on the site, where you can share news about your business and offerings for a more niche purpose. Be sure to include a calendar of events where fans of your business can view upcoming happenings.

2) Build a community of consumer advocates.

By its very nature, Reddit is community-steered and user-driven, which is a vast part of its appeal. Your business can capitalize on this strong sense of community using Reddit regularly to build loyal consumer advocates for your own business.

3) Enhance customer service.

Through creating Subreddits, businesses can set up various categories where customers can funnel questions, compliments or complaints. As a result, Reddit can help you identify and correct problem areas that are a thorn in your customers side and build engagement with your fans.

4) Build brand loyalty.

With curated content as its backbone, you should encourage users to share content related to your business or industry on Reddit. This will not only instill a sense of ownership in your business, but inspire loyalty toward your brand.

5) Learn about and use popular Subreddit categories.

While diversity runs throughout Reddit, users seem especially akin to curated content that is cool, funny, sarcastic, techy, or heartwarming. Keeping this in mind, participate in some of the popular Reddit sub-categories, such as “Today I Learned” (TIL) or “I am a” (IAMA)

6) Engage your community.

Reddit is an interactive community. You won’t help your business explode if you simply put out your message but don’t interact regularly with others. Ask thought-provoking questions of your fans to get the conversation going. Reddit has a lot of savvy and knowledgeable users, and you’ll learn something new every day by engaging with them.

7) Be transparent with your curated content.

Ignore this one at your peril. The culture of Reddit is highly skeptical and is ruthless when it comes to “stealth marketing.” Nothing can get you ignored faster than sharing your own blog post without owning up to the fact that it is yours. That’s a major Reddit faux pas. Anything remotely resembling spam will be “downvoted” into oblivion, and you might even get banned from using the site. Finally, be open to criticism, and remember that, as testy as they can sometimes be, every Redditor is a human being.

Be sure to follow other reddiquette as well. Always disclose when it is your own product, service, or content that you’re sharing. Promoting your work is acceptable as long as you are transparent and honest about it and you’re adding something to the community.

Along with other social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+, Reddit is a valuable tool to add to your marketing toolbox. The key is to learn about all the unique features of Reddit and to use them to your advantage in a transparent way.

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