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How to Create a Freelance Team That Works for You

Need to Create a Freelance Team? When you’re working with freelancers, it’s important to keep each person on your team […]

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Freelance Copywriters Tips

Freelance Copywriter: Evoking Emotion In general, people make decisions for emotional reasons, not rational ones. Your job as a copywriter […]

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Online Marketing 101: How to Create a Killer Meme

Create a Killer Meme  A Meme is like a message in a bottle, except that it is set afloat on […]

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Writing for Yourself and Other Common Mistakes Made by Professional Writers

Common Mistakes Made by Professional Writers  No matter how much your second grade teacher loved your short story about penguins, […]

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What all successful content curators share in common

There are three kinds of content curators in the world: those who do it poorly, those who do okay at […]

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4 Steps to Better Content Curation

Superior curated content will bring you closer to being a thought leader, the “Go To” resource for fresh information. When […]

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Spice Up Boring Industry Content

Spicing up boring industry content is the goal for clients and the focus of many freelance writing jobs online. Even […]

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For Writers: How to Choose the Right Agency

Whether you’re a business owner or a freelancer, you must associate yourself with the right people.  While the building of […]

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How to Separate Your Personal and Professional Facebook Lives

Facebook is a powerful engine for both personal and professional connections, but that engine can do untold amounts of professional […]

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