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Interviewing for Freelance Positions Tips

After the Interview You have just been interviewing for freelance positions. You are back home. Phew! You’re out of that […]

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Guest Blog: Filing Taxes as a Freelancer

  Filing Taxes as a Freelancer: You probably have the same dirty secret as many other newly minted freelancers, you […]

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Freelancer Finances: Variable Income Shouldn’t Be Scary (Guest Blog)

Your first year freelancing full-time can be extremely scary. The learning curve can be very intense but also an invigorating […]

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Freelance Copywriters Tips

Freelance Copywriter: Evoking Emotion In general, people make decisions for emotional reasons, not rational ones. Your job as a copywriter […]

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A Cover Letter for Freelancers: 5 Reasons Why You Still Need One

Cover letter for Freelancers Caroline Ceniza-Levine, a 15-year job recruiting veteran recently made a shocking admission in Forbes: she almost […]

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Writing for Yourself and Other Common Mistakes Made by Professional Writers

Common Mistakes Made by Professional Writers  No matter how much your second grade teacher loved your short story about penguins, […]

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How to Clean Up Your Social Media for a Job Search

With Facebook’s 10th Birthday over a year gone, we’re officially past the introduction to social media. In a world where […]

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What Every Freelance Writer Should Know About Good Content Marketing

If you’re looking for a job in freelance writing, being a good writer may not be enough. In order to […]

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How To Write A Professional Resume That Grabs Attention

  A well-crafted, professional resume will be what stands between you and the all-important job interview. The content displayed on […]

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