Introducing Artisan Denver!

Artisan Talent expands to Denver Colorado - Artisan Denver

Introducing Artisan Denver

U.S. News & World Report unveiled the 2016 Best Places to Live in the United States. The newly created list ranks the country’s 100 largest metropolitan areas based on affordability, job prospects, and quality of life. Denver, Colorado was named the No. 1 place to live on the inaugural list! So what better time to introduce you to…Artisan Denver!

The Denver division, headed up by Nena Girsch of Artisan Talent, marks the 8th location for our Chicago based company. The office is an expansion driven by customer feedback and market demands and is part of our commitment to assisting the creative community. CEO and Founder Bejan Douraghy:

Denver has a diverse economy and a highly educated labor force. We noticed that not only are businesses relocating, but there is an influx of high tech companies and agencies that will be needing to augment their staffing. Artisan is in a good position to help staff up these companies. Not to mention, Denver is a beautiful place to live. 

The Artisan Denver Team

Heading up our Denver Office is Executive Account Manager Nena Girsch, who has been with Artisan for over 14 years! She is joined by experienced Recruiters Lauren Ray and Traci Schubert.

Nena Girsch Artisan Denver Managing DirectorNena Girsch is a veteran Artisan employee with over 14 years of experience with the company. Her unique blend of strategic thinking, consultative leadership, and collaborative skills have resulted in hundreds of successful client engagements.



Traci Schubert Artisan Denver

Traci Schubert joins the Artisan Talent Denver Office as a creative professional with 17 years experience in graphic design, marketing and creative management. She enjoys advocating for creative talent and building relationships with them, in hopes to assist them land their ideal position and perfect cultural environment. A little about Traci… She loves cake. Budweiser commercials make her cry. And she has an obsession with rap music.


Lauren Ray Artisan Denver

Lauren Ray has spent most of her career as an Art Director and Designer, which gives her unique insight into Denver’s talent community. She loves helping people, and her goal is to help talented people find their perfect job. She understands the creative language and landscape, and loves what she does. Her goal is to make sure that you love what you do, too!


We hope you’ll consider joining us in Denver for creative work of all kinds! Need more convincing Denver is the best right now? Here are 15 reasons from the Huffington Post you would “NEVER” want to visit Denver, Colorado (spoiler alert: one of them is amazing donuts).

About Artisan

Artisan Talent is an interactive, digital, marketing, and creative staffing agency combining the service of a boutique firm with the reach of a national agency. Artisan advocates for the best talent, including graphic designers, web and mobile developers, UI / UX designers, interactive learning consultants, project managers, and more. Since 1988 Artisan has nurtured relationships with the best clients, from fortune 500 industry leaders to interactive agencies and small non-profits.

For more information or to register with Artisan Denver, email [email protected], submit your resume here, or call 303.261.8588

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