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We live in a technology-driven digital era. That makes Web Developers incredibly important to companies that want to leave their Internet-savvy customers with the best impression of their business. Web developers are the HTML code behind the flash. While they may or may not develop the creative design of a site, they absolutely are responsible for writing the code that creates a functioning website.

Wed Developers occasionally overlap in skill sets with Front End Developers. See an FED Job Description here.

Web Developer Skills Needed

A Web Developer’s skill set must include a familiarity with the Internet, an eye for design, as well as knowing a variety of tricks and tips that will keep a website functioning across multiple hosting sites. They must also understand how to optimize the site across a variety of digital devices including cell phones and on different Internet browsers.

The average web developer gets excited about communicating with a consumer via the web. They must understand visitor behavior and should design each site to be user-friendly.

Web design is often a skill offered by an individual entrepreneur or solo consultant. Web design requires a patient approach to client or team interaction. The job environment could include working with internal departments to tackle specific projects, working from home, or spending long hours in front of a computer screens in a large corporate environment. Web designers are meticulous, yet creative.

Solo web designers are often called upon to write or edit website copy, understand and implement search engine optimization (SEO), and even develop the creative concepts for a website as part of branding. No matter what your role, you must have a strong ability to communicate and be meticulous but engaging in your approach.

Suggested Software Proficiency

Web developers must understand:

  • Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML), the primary coding language of website design.
  • JavaScript (JS), that allows for website interactivity with the consumer.
  • and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), that create the look of the site.

Together, these programming languages form the backbone of a website and tell it how to function.

Hiring a Web Developer

Web development is a skillset that has a strong job outlook in the future. To learn more about hiring a Web Developer, let Artisan Talent help you: click here to find out more today!

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