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Wed Developers occasionally overlap in skill sets with Front End Developers. See an FED Job Description here.

Go online and surf a little. Every website you see probably had a Web Developer behind it somewhere. Web Developers build websites by creating the programming code behind the site. They do this by first analyzing the needs of the end users. They may map out the content via a site prototype, and then develop the functionality and navigation of the site.

What Does a Web Developer Do?

Web Developers handle things like data storage and site load times. They must be able to validate and test website functionality and fix any bugs that prevent the site from working. They should also be certain that the website functions well on any digital device or browser.

Finally, they may also be responsible for any updates that need to occur once the website is live.

If the Web Developer works for a small company, they may even have a hand in writing the site content. They may be responsible for backing up the site regularly to local or cloud storage. They may even develop a database to support the website. A Web Developer should also create style guides for the site to help guide the content over the long term.

Web Developers create these websites with computer code. But Web Developers can’t just stay focused on their favorite lines of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript; they must also be able to clearly communicate with creative designers, copywriters, and perhaps even clients, to ensure that the website effectively represents the standards of the brand. It is for this reason that they must be a team player.

A good Web Developer uses computer code and site design to communicate brand messaging to consumers of the site. So, they must have the ability to express themselves clearly to internal teams in addition to their ability to make the website function. They should also stay as current as possible on all the latest trends in web-based technologies.

Web Developer Skills Needed

It’s important for Web Developers to be more than just computer programmers. That’s because the best websites take into account the end user of the product. So a Web Developer should have several skills that encompass both computers and people, including:

  • Programming skills in front-end languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5. Back-end languages, like JQuery, third-party APIs, web services, and e-commerce, will all be important. The Web Developer should also have some experience in product management and software testing. They should also have an understanding of Photoshop. A general knowledge of OOP (object-oriented programming) is important.
  • An understanding of consumer behavior is a discipline that the programmer must master. This requires knowledge of consumer psychology and behavior. The savvy Web Designer should understand the user interface, or UI, which is how the user will intuitively use each feature on the site.
  • A practical knowledge of website interfaces, cross-browser compatibility, and web standards.
  • Collaboration skills to work with inter-departmental disciplines and stakeholders of all kinds.
  • Strong understanding of Internet security best practices.
  • Project management skills to create and implement a roadmap for better user engagement.
  • A digital expert in web, email, social media, smartphones – and more.
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Flexible and able to adapt to fickle user or client behavior.
  • Analytical, methodical, and driven by data.
  • Good multi-tasker and a self-starter.
  • Patient troubleshooting skills when code gets broken or when a customer can’t communicate their vision of the site.
  • Handles pressure

The Web Developer should divide their focus between technology and people. The role has high visibility because a company’s website is extremely important to their image and sales volume.

Suggested Software Proficiency

There are dozens of computer languages and frameworks out there. Let’s start with languages that are typically used on the front end of a website, the side of the website that the user touches and interacts with. JavaScript is one of the most in-demand front-end programming languages for Web Developers today. Also, HTML/CSS are styling and text markup languages that make websites both eye-catching and easy to navigate.

On the back end, which is where the website interacts with databases and application programming interfaces, or APIs, there are several important languages to learn, such as Python. Python is used by Yahoo! and Google and in the web apps for Pinterest and Instagram. Python works on both mobile and desktop.

Web Developers should also learn Ruby, which is an object-oriented language that, like Python, is perfect for desktop or mobile. While PHP is an older language, sites like WordPress and Magento use PHP. Also consider learning SQL, which powers database engines such as PostgreSQL and MySQL. All are important.

Each of these languages also has a framework. PHP has Laravel, Python has Django, and Ruby has Ruby on Rails. Within JavaScript, you’ll find lots of frameworks and libraries, like Angular, React, JQuery, and many more.

Web Developers will also need to understand analytics by using Google’s engagement-tracking tools or A/B testing software like Optimizely. Web Developers should also have a favorite application to conduct integration testing to be sure that their code is interacting properly with databases, APIs, and all the processes and automation within the website.

While this may seem like a lot to learn, the Web Developer doesn’t need to know all of these tools, but should be able to pick out a few favorites, and have the flexibility to keep learning more.

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