3 Ways to Keep Creatives Happy

How to keep creatives happyDid you hear the one about the content writer whose blog was so boring it put people to sleep?

How about the joke where a graphic designer and a PR director walked into a bar – and nothing interesting happened.

No? Of course not. That’s because creative teams are made up of artistic, imaginative, and intriguing people. When creative people get together it’s nuclear fusion: powerful and potentially earth shattering. Creative thinkers spark the world’s best selling brands. And they are hungry for inspiration. The trick for an employer is to feed that creativity. Here are three creative ways to keep your creative teams happy:

1. Blast Off

Creative teams are not cogs in a factory. Creative people got into their field because being creative is fun.  Employers who are resourceful enough to foster fun at work will keep their creative teams happy and inspired. Encourage a “work hard, play hard” environment. Some companies:

  • Put video games in the break room
  • Place scooters throughout the building and let employees zoom their way around
  • Set up a vinyl record player
  • Play games at lunch

While you cannot make your creative teams productive, you can create an environment in which they want to produce.

2. Be Flexible

Employer flexibility will help keep all employees – not just the creative teams – happy. Tying a creative employee to a nine to five grind may not get the best bang for your buck. Consider:

  • Allowing employee flex time
  • Setting up ways to work remotely
  • Letting your team spend an afternoon at the local coffee shop

These are all great ways to keep the employee from falling into an office rut that may stifle their creativity, or even worse, lead to boredom, frustration…or a job hunt.

3. Accentuate the Positive

Create an employee rewards program to “accentuate the positive.” Everyone loves perks and rewards beyond salary and benefits. Employee recognition programs with awards and corporate acknowledgement of their great work will set your business apart as a desirable workplace, attracting the best talent and keeping them long term.

Need Some Creatives to Keep Happy?

These are just a few of our favorite creative ways to keep your creative teams happy. Got the tips but not the staff? Let us help you hire, we know how to find the best creative talent! Artisan Talent is standing by to help you ignite your business. Contact us today! 

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