Unconventional Ways to Hire Creatives as Employees

unconvential ways to hire creatives employees

Looking to hire creatives? Staffing is now more complicated and time-consuming than ever. The growth of the internet and advancements in mobile technology have given rise to countless job recruitment apps, career websites, online job boards, and social media sites where employers can post about freelance or full-time job openings. These new avenues and platforms certainly do provide a way to get the word out about job vacancies to a vastly larger audience than older methods did, a fact which results in a much larger applicant pool than ever before. But quantity doesn’t necessarily result in quality, and sorting through piles of ill-suited resumes and applications certainly isn’t a productive use of a staffer’s time.

Here’s how to think out of the box and get the best when it comes to time to hire creatives:

Sometimes You Need a Human, Not an App

The next time you find yourself in the position of trying to keep up with all of the resumes and applications you receive in response to posting your job opening all over the internet and on all the latest job recruitment apps, stop and consider that there are other options. If you’re not looking in the right places or using the right tools, searching for the right employee to fill your job opening can take up valuable time, and worse, the search can end up fruitless. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Creative staffing agencies can do the work for you. Instead of leaving it up to job boards and apps, let a human recruiter find a creative employee whose skills and talents are an exact fit for your company’s needs.

How to Hire Creatives

We’re Here to Meet Your Staffing Needs

At a creative staffing agency, recruiters take the time to truly get to know both the creative talent who are looking for job opportunities that match their skills and passions of the clients and businesses who come to them for staffing assistance. The recruiter becomes familiar with exactly what you’re looking for in a creative employee and will thoughtfully and quickly make a match that benefits both your business and your new employee’s career.

You need creative talent that fits with your company’s style and brand voice. And no one is better than the skilled and empathetic recruiters and staffers at Artisan at finding you that talent. Let the experts provide solutions to your creative staffing needs. Don’t waste any more time. Artisan is here to listen and help. Contact us today or call us ASAP at 800.216.0600

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