6 Tips for LinkedIn Publishing

We found this great video by Content Marketer Sujan Patel (watch it on here) full of tips for LinkedIn publishing. This unqiue platform is a cross between traditional blogging and a social network which provides you with a unique opportunity to reach a large audience. Haven’t tried it yet? You should! According to

If you think about why people are doing this today, it really goes back to their professional identities. It helps them build identities that go beyond their connections … and a lot of these posts have also led to opportunities, which is unique to LinkedIn.

Anna Julow Roolf, senior active executive at BLASTmedia, says “LinkedIn stands out as a self-publishing platform because of its capability to help users showcase expertise to relevant and interested audiences.” How can you best leverage this unique platform? Here are some tips from Sujan Patel:

6 LinkedIn Publishing Tips

1. Do Your Research

Just like writing for a company blog, you want to do your research. What topics are trending and relevant in your industry? Don’t just write about what you love, take the time to see what needs to be written in your industry. Patel suggests looking at the left hand “trending” menu on LinkedIn. Look through the most popular, trending posts and then see what gaps are there that you could fill that match up with your speciality.

Also take time to see what style of posts are popular. Look at influencer post styles and mirror them in your own writing, whether it’s “how to guides,” short and sweet posts, or Buzzfeed “listicle” style.

2. Don’t Be Unique

When it comes to Linked In publishing you don’t need to be 100% unique. It’s perfectly fine, and recommended, to re-purpose your existing content that has worked for you elsewhere. Don’t simply copy and paste former blog posts, but “squeeze more life out of them,” says Patel. Try reworking pieces by presenting a different view point or adding new data into them.

3. Post at the Right Time

Mornings rule when it comes to LinkedIn. Patel has had success posting between 8-9am PST. Check your personal blog stats and social media insights to see what time is most popular for your readers.

4. Promote

LinkedIn Publishing is all about promotions. Likes and shares will push your content to more people. To gain velocity, optimize your posting to get shares and likes. Ask your fans, friends, and family to like and share your content. Know you’ll be posting at 8:45am on Friday? Send out an email asking your network to view the post and click the like button. This will increase your chances at getting listed on the sidebar. Speaking of which…

5. Email LinkedIn

Want to get that coveted “popular” spot on the trending list? Patel says: Once your post has picked up some traction, email a link to [email protected] with a brief description of why they should feature your post. Did you bring up an interesting topic? Get a lot of shares in a short amount of time? Brag to LinkedIn and ask them to feature you. Even better? Ask a friend or college to do so on your behalf.

6. Add a Call to Action

This last tip is a simple one, but will extend the life of your post. At the bottom, make sure there’s a clear call to action (CTA) suggesting what the reader do next. Want them to click over to your website, follow you on Twitter or sign up for your newsletter? The CTA reminds them to do so and helps give your post some ROI.

Ready to Start LinkedIn Publishing?

Now you have some good ideas to get started with your self-publishing! Don’t forget to share what you’ve published with us by mentioning us on LinkedIn or tweeting to us.

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