Weeding Out the Quitters: Finding a Long-Term Candidate

How to hire long-term cantidatesThere’s nothing more frustrating than hiring what you think is the perfect candidate only to discover that they quit just two weeks later. It’s not enough just to find the candidate that is the most skilled and best fit — you also need to find a candidate that’s looking for a long-term position that they can grow with. Here are four ways to weed out the quitters and find a long-term candidate for the job.

1. Be Detailed About the Job Description

It’s not always about solving problems now — it’s also about solving problems for your future self. It’s tempting to just try to get a warm body in the position, and this can lead to some overly simplified job descriptions… and some downplaying of the job’s challenges. Be good to your future self by making sure candidates fully understand the challenges of a position before they accept.

2. Forget the Five Year Plan

Every candidate has been coached on what to say when confronted with the stock question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Instead, ask them for specifics about the near future: “What new responsibilities can you see yourself taking on in the next couple of years?” “What are your plans for the future?” This will give you a more detailed answer that a potential long-term candidate will excel at answering. Need more interview questions to ask? Here are 6 others to try.

3. Use the Exit Interview

You did do an exit interview with the employee who left the position last, right? An exit interview is more than just an opportunity to touch base with a valued employee on the way out, it’s also a way to find out why they are leaving. This will give you a better picture of the position’s challenges and the skills and talents that would be necessary in a new candidate. Find out what you should be asking in the exit interview.

4. Have a Back Up Plan for a Long-Term Candidate

Regardless of how careful you are, there will always be fly-by-night candidates that sneak in the front door and immediately out the back. It’s a good idea to keep a few of the other candidates on your short list, just in case you will need to hire again. Consider sending a note to them expressing that though the position has been filled, you will be considering them for future, similar positions if they are interested.

Want to learn more about hiring the best staff members for your business? Contact Artisan Talent for all of your employment needs. We’ll help you find the right short or long-term candidate for the job at hand. Here is an interesting read on long term candidates.

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