4 Exit Interview Questions You MUST Ask

4 Questions to Ask During an Exit Interview

Some companies conduct exit interviews immediately upon learning an employee will be leaving. Other companies conduct them on the employee’s last day…and still others don’t conduct them at all. An exit interview may appear to be a formality, but it’s actually a critical part of the employer and employee relationship, and can give you some unique insights into your company and employees. Here are 4 exit interview questions you should be asking every employee.

1. If you could have changed one thing about your position, what would it have been?

Most employees, even those being let go, aren’t eager to share their gripes with their prior employer. This is especially true if they are relying on a good reference. Simply asking, “Did you dislike anything about your position?” won’t tell you much. This will give you an actionable answer about what could make the employee’s prior position easier for the next person.

2. Why did you choose to leave the company?

Additionally, the follow up question: “Was there anything that would have led you to reconsider?” This open-ended question can give some real insight into your company’s culture and potentially problems that you might not even realize existed. Make sure to ask for details if something unexpected comes up.

3. What did you enjoy best about your job?

An exit interview doesn’t always have to be negative. Learning about what made the position great can help you sell it to the next recruit — and give you an idea of what areas of the position should be emphasized. Likewise, you can inquire about what the employee liked most about working for the company, or even just ask the employee to describe the company in their own terms.

4. Are you available for us to contact if…?

Some employees love to help, especially if they have been with the company for a long time and are leaving their position on a good note. For particularly skilled positions, it can be useful to have them as a potential resource. Employees quitting due to lifestyle changes may still be willing to come in on an occasional hourly basis, and even employees switching to a new company may be able to take the occasional call.

Losing a good employee, even under positive circumstances, can be bittersweet for a human resources manager. An exit interview gives both the company and the employee time to express any additional concerns or curiosities.

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