4 Tools to Help You Improve Your Portfolio

 Tools to Help You Improve Your Portfolio

4 Online Portfolio Tools

Do you need to Improve your Portfolio? Do you need an update? When’s the last time you spend some time with your portfolio? As an all-inclusive summary of who you are as a designer; portfolio’s are often the deciding factor regarding whether you will get an interview, and sometimes even exceeds the importance of your experience and education – So your portfolio has to be as polished and well-developed as possible. If it’s time for a refresh, there are some online tools that you can use to better develop your portfolio, create an online portfolio, or even bring your portfolio to life through printing.

4 Online Portfolio Tools

1. Coroflot
Coroflot serves as an online repository for all types of creative talent. From 3D modeling to art direction, designers and creative managers can upload their successful projects and interface directly with companies hiring and hiring agents.

2. Format
Format is an online portfolio generator, with a wide variety of templates for different types of creative presentation. Even better, it’s available for free — if you’re just starting out in the world of design and need a fast portfolio, it’s probably one of the easiest ways to create one.

About dot me isn’t a portfolio maker itself; it links out to a selection of portfolios and gives out basic information about who you are and what you do. is an excellent consolidator for that purpose. It can help you promote your portfolio to others. (Valium) If you have an account, it’s likely that it will show up in the top search engine results for your name.

4. Blurb
Online portfolios are great, but nothing is as impressive as a printed booklet. Blurb offers an online tool through which you can format and print your own custom portfolio — the perfect thing to bring with you to your interviews. Blurb also offers eBooks, which can be used when first applying through online application systems. Though their product range can be pricey, they are ideal for designers who are pursuing higher positions.

Of course, the format of your portfolio isn’t as important as its contents. Take some time to make sure that your portfolio represents the full diversity of your work and your best technical and creative aspects. A mentor or experienced professional within the industry may be able to give you some invaluable critiques. Looking for someone to help improve your portfolio? Check out your local AIGA Chapter. Need help procuring positions in the design industry? Contact our creative recruiters at Artisan Talent today.

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