How to Keep Your Freelance Team on the Same Page

How to keep your team of freelancers on the same page

Working with a team of freelancers can be more work that you expect. Not only does each person work independently and free of team restrictions, but you need to coordinate each person’s efforts to complete your project correctly and on time. Here’s a few tips on how to get everyone on the same page with your project.

Give Clear Instructions to Your Freelance Team

Having clear instructions is one of the main things freelancers want. If every freelancer on your team gets different sets of instructions, you can’t expect them all to create cohesive content.

Instead of giving out different sets of orders, give out one large instruction file and indicate which section you want each freelancer to work on. Because all the instructions for every section are available to everyone, they’ll all understand what the other people are working on. That can help make your project come together with fewer issues overall.

Don’t Expect Them to Communicate Independently

When you hire independent contractors, you can’t expect them to communicate with each other to determine what you want. Instead, the freelancers will be giving you back what you ask for, and then it’s your responsibility to update the others. For example, if you ask for a short storyboard, wait to get that back and then pass it on to the videographer. If you wait for the person making the storyboard to email it to the videographer, that may not happen without your instruction. On top of that, by having each section returned to you before moving on can help you track any problems and stop them early in the process.

Hire In The Same Time Zone

Another huge potential issue for a project is having a freelancer who is in a completely different timezone than you are. While some people can adjust, if you’re in America and the freelancer is in Australia, there may be few times when you can both be awake to talk to one another at the same time. It’s helpful if all your freelancers are within similar time zones to prevent delays.

These are a few ways you can keep your project moving, even when multiple people are involved. Remember, working with freelancers means you have a completely independent team, so you need to take charge as the leader.  Need help finding the perfect freelancers for your project? We can help with that. Contact an Artisan Talent Hiring Manager today.

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