3 Things to Know BEFORE You Start the Hiring Process

3 Things to know before you start the hiring process

Ready to start the hiring process? Need to create a team or add to your existing one? Before you post that perfect job ad, take stock of these suggestions to make sure you end up with the right fit.

Things to Keep in Mind as You Start the Hiring Process

1.Keep Track of Your Favorite Creatives

Start a notebook, Pinterest Page, or anything that works for you to keep track of creatives that catch your eye. Even if they’re not on the market, keeping track of portfolios or work that interests you will give you a starting place for finding the type of talent you want. Not ready to hire yet? That’s okay too. Having a list of favorites will come in handy in the future. Check out professional networking events and organizations like Creative Mornings, or your local design community like AIGA, for finding talent inspiration.

Another talent sourcing idea? LinkedIn or Twitter lists of awesome companies…like Artisan Talent (hint, hint).

2. Pick Two: Fast/Good/Cheap

Pick Two How Would You Like Your Design

We’ve all seen this inspiring graphic. When it comes to hiring great talent to complete a project you can only pick two of these things: Fast, Cheap, or Great. It’s a cliche for a reason, it’s true. When you’re hiring, make sure to set a budget ahead of time and prioritize project goals. Need some help finding the cream of the crop? Ask a staffing agency for a recommendation. Don’t have room in the budget for a full-time employee? Consider hiring a freelancer to meet your needs.

3. Know There is No Such Thing as a “Typical Rate”

Don’t assume there is an industry standard hourly rate for creatives. You can’t compare on price alone. Rates are reflective of experience, values, individual processes, and more. An example: PicJumbo’s “Play Bigger” Presentation written by Sian Richardson offers,

New Graphic Designers might only charge around $1k for a Logo + Website Design, with an experienced solo biz owner charging $8k+, and at the highest end of the scale, full-on creative agencies might charge $20k+. But when you put it into perspective, the levels of experience and expertise are relative to the pricing.

Do a little research and get quotes from a couple people for ideas on rates and processes. Most important? Keep your options open.

Ready to Start the Hiring Process?

Finding the right people can be tough, from knowing where to find them to negotiating rates and benefits and asking the right questions. But if you’re ready to take that step. You don’t have to go it alone. Let Artisan Talent help! We have lists of Designers, Copywriters, and more, waiting to match with your company’s needs.

Bonus Tip:

Resist temptation. Crowd-Sourcing sites like Fivver, Task Rabbit, 99designs, and others usually fall into the fast and cheap category. The work you get done rarely will live up to your brand standards. Richardson says: “These sites don’t have the greatest reputation in the creative industry because they’ve been known to have people who call themselves ‘Designers’ totally rip off other Designers’ work and sell it as their own.” Save yourself the headache and potential legal battles by hiring a true designer from a trusted agency the first time around. Contact Artisan today and we’d be happy to help.

Want more tips from Sian Richardson?  Check out her website here.

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