4 Tips for Working in a Coffee Shop

Working in a coffee shop | How to work in a coffee shop

Are you a remote worker? Find yourself traveling for business, running from meeting to meeting, or bringing your laptop to the local coffee shop? Then you are one of the 5% of all workers in non-family businesses who work at home at least one day a week according to USA Today. Have a full time office job? Fast Company suggests you should be working in a coffee shop on occasion as well.  Switching up your work environment can stimulate your creativity and productivity. “Changing your environment, even just for a day, brings new types of input and stimulation, which in turn stimulates creativity and inspiration.” Whether you stop by once in a while or are a java junkie regular, working in a coffee shop can be successful and even beneficial, if you follow a few simple tips.

4 Tips: Working in a Coffee Shop

  • Interact
    People watch. Say hello to the person next to you. A benefit of working in a coffee shop is the anonymity mixed with the dull background buzz.  Meeting new people and experiencing new environments can spur creativity. “A coffee shop provides the opportunity of human interaction, on your own terms,” says Wesley Verhoeve for Fast Company.
  • Purchase
    Don’t be that person who buys one cup of coffee and nurses it for six hours. Be friendly with your barista and tip well. Coffee shop employees are great people who are more than happy to reveal that secret outlet or slip the paid only wifi password to nice customers.
  • Prepare
    Come with a fully charged tablet, phone, and computer so you don’t need a power outlet the moment you arrive, then choose your seat wisely. Avoid seats near the doors with unpredictable temperature swings or near high traffic areas like the register if you can.
  • Organize
    It can be easier for some to get distracted in a new environment. Having a list of tasks or a specific goal in mind before you go can help keep you on track.  Don’t forget to keep your belongings organized and always in eye-sight as well, especially if you have client information on your computer.

Follow this tips and you’ll be a coffee shop working pro in no time! Looking for a job that will let you work out of the office? Check out our open positions here.

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