3 Fantastic Items for Your Web Design Toolkit

web design toolkit

Web Design Toolkit

There are several tools that work well for Web design projects, but some are better than others for shortening the creation process. Here are three that web design freelancers and clients should include in their web design toolkits.

1. Rapid Prototyping Programs

The first item to use for your web design projects is a rapid prototyping program. Rapid prototyping programs allow designers to create a working prototype of a concept. These programs make the Web design process more productive by allowing the client to review early version concepts and allowing designers to solve problems, test designs and get feedback before proceeding to the final product. Moqups, Pidoco and JustInMind are all great rapid prototyping programs that allow for the creation of interactive prototypes. 

2. Web Design Contract Templates

Contracts aren’t the most fun part of the web design process, but are absolutely necessary. Contracts are time-consuming and expensive if drafted by a legal professional. Contract template companies make creating contracts for Web design projects easy. Some companies also have highly customizable options that are convenient to work with online.

Contract of Works for Web Design provides a straightforward, free document that you can fill out, save and send for signing. Bidsketch also has a free Web design contract for subscribers. You can customize the contract by reviewing each section and making the changes you need. Contractually is for businesses, both small and large. Its features make the entire contract drafting process easy. The software allows for team collaboration, e-signing and online contract storage.

3. Text Editors

Even though Web designers work with visual tools, text editors are still essential for customization, even at later stages in the design process. There are new options of text editors available to consider, including a text editor that you can customize to do anything. Atom is a free open source desktop application designed by GitHub. It is fully featured out-of-the-box but also hackable. Other sophisticated and useful text editors include Sublime Text and UltraEdit. 

These few are fantastic to add to your web design toolkit. Another one to add? Artisan Talent. Using a creative staffing agency also shortens the process – whether you’re a designer or a client. Contact us today for more information on joining our team.

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