Freelance Jobs: 5 Questions to Ask

Freelance Jobs 5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Freelance Client

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Are you considering accepting a freelance job? As a freelancer, your talent offers you a wide range of opportunities for creative and challenging work. And whether your specialty is graphic design, marketing, or some other creative field, you possess a skill set that can be highly valuable to businesses and organizations.

Of course, your talent is not your only asset–so are your potential clients. For this reason, it’s in your best interest to make a meaningful connection with your client early on. Not only will this help you ensure a quality relationship throughout the duration of your assignment, but it can improve your chances of on-going or additional opportunities for work.

Questions to Ask for Freelance Jobs

One of the most effective ways to establish a professional rapport with a client is to ask meaningful questions. In effect, you’re “interviewing” here. It shows interest and commitment on your end, and it can help you gain better insight into your potential client. Before beginning any freelance work, here are five questions you may want to ask:

  1. What’s your company’s main mission? Knowing the overarching goal of a company gives you a clearer idea of your client’s professional and personal interests, and you can draw on this insight to build a stronger connection.
  2. Who is your ideal customer? Always remember that by offering your services and connecting with your client, you are actually helping your client better serve their customers. Knowing who these people are can guide your work.
  3. What’s your goal for this specific project? Most projects come with descriptions, some more detailed than others. But this question goes beyond the nitty gritty details and gets to the real meat of the project. Knowing the overall goal keeps you focused and streamlined.
  4. What has been your experience so far in hiring freelance talent? Whether positive or negative, your client’s past experiences with freelancers can influence their interaction with you. Asking this question gives you a clearer idea of your client’s unique likes and dislikes, so you can tailor your services to meet their needs in a professional and attentive way.
  5. How often do you want to keep in contact during this project? Different clients will expect more or less communication from their freelance hires. This question will ensure that both you and your client communicate effectively.

Asking smart questions will help make your upcoming freelance jobs a success. Searching for more freelance work? To connect with clients searching for your talent, contact Artisan today.

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