Why Your Business Needs A Copywriter

why your business needs a copywriter

Who Is Writing Your Copy?

A business always needs written content. It’s filled with it. Web page content, landing pages, blog posts, emails and sales letters are just a few of the types of content you need to communicate your message, inform, educate and sell your products and services. You rely on content to spread the word about your business and to bring in new leads.

Who is writing YOUR copy? Maybe it’s you, or someone else in the company who has a flair for words. But, are they able to give 100% to the task? Are they able to craft a sharp, compelling sales letter that converts? And, do they have the time to analyze it and test it to make sure it does as well as it’s supposed to?

Your Business Needs A Copywriter

Many of today’s businesses either have an in-house dedicated copywriter, or outsource all their copywriting to a professional or agency. Frankly, if you are scrambling to get your copy needs covered because everyone in the office is too busy doing their actual job to write up that email or blog post, your business is leaving money on the table. Why? Because a copywriters job isn’t to write your copy. It’s to make you money. That’s what they do. Sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly, but always, increasing sales is the goal. A professional copywriter knows how to do this, using a variety of strategies as well as clear, concise writing.

Here’s what else an experienced copywriter can do:

Keep It SEO Friendly

It’s still important that your blog posts and web content are SEO friendly. It’s important that people are able to find you in the crowded universe that is the internet. A good copywriter can make that happen.

Perfect Your Branding

Copywriters are masters at helping their clients keep all their content aligned with their brand and values. It’s what they do, and they have a knack for it. They can also look at your content objectively to make sure it is providing value, reflecting your brand and is appropriate for its intended purpose.

Get Results

Copywriters aren’t just people who are good at writing. They have mastered the art of getting readers to take action. How do they do this? By eliciting an emotional response in their readers. They know your reader’s pain, and how to make it go away. Whether your content needs to get shared on Facebook or needs to make a sale, a copywriter understands what the goal is and how to get you there.

Save Time

Finally, hiring a copywriter will save you time. You are busy, and unless copywriting is your job, then creating your own landing pages and web content isn’t the best use of your time. You can leave that to a copywriter while you do what you do best.

Your Business Needs a Copywriter: Find One

Finding a qualified copywriter for your business isn’t always easy. Freelance sites are hit and miss (you often get what you pay for), and sifting through portfolios to find a writer that’s a good fit is time consuming. This is where Artisan Talent can help. Matching talented, experienced writers (whether freelance or full time) with businesses that need results is what we do best. Contact us to find a copywriter for your team or to learn more about our talent today.

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