Employee Engagement: How to Keep Amazing Talent

employee engagement happy employeesOnce you’ve procured the best talent in the industry, you’re immediately faced with an equally enormous task: keeping them satisfied. Employee engagement and retention — especially for those who rank among the most skilled and experienced — is no trivial task. Much like a personal relationship, it requires continuous engagement, solid communication and hard work.

Review Employee Benefits

Benefit standards can change drastically from year to year depending on industry. If your industry is growing, don’t doubt the benefits that your employees are being offered are growing too. You should complete regular audits of your employee benefits to make sure that they are still competitive. And don’t forget about some more out-of-the-box benefits either. Employee health programs, flex-time, on-site daycare and even allowing dogs in the office are all examples of employee benefit initiatives that could be a deciding factor when an employee is considering a competing offer.

Employ Effective Communication

Sometimes the best way to find out what your talent is thinking is just to talk to them. Make sure that employee reviews aren’t one-sided with effective communication: you want to know what the company can do for them to keep them happy. Most employees will telegraph any distress they have before it reaches a breaking point; your job is to determine these issues and reduce them to keep the talent happy.

Maintain Employee Recognition

Everyone wants to be acknowledged for their accomplishments. When your employees finish a particularly difficult project, offer them small incentives or perks. Something as simple as buying lunch for them will show them that you not only care about them, but that you are watching their work and understand how much time and effort they put in to achieve it. The more you acknowledge their efforts, the more loyal they will be to the company.

Encourage Retention

Talent often leaves a company when they feel they have “outgrown” the company or that there is nothing left for them to achieve. Make sure that your talent always has goals that they can work for, including incentives and bonuses for their work. If you have talent that cannot advance in any way, you’re in a dangerous situation; they may head off to greener pastures.

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