Job Description Community Manager

Good managersCommunity Managers are your online voice to the world.  The role requires strong writing and communications skills, social media and public relations experience. The Community Manager manages and leads a company’s front-line communication efforts including strategy, content creation, PR, social communication, analytics, and more. Don’t leave this vital role to an overworked employee from another department. Hire a dedicated Community Manager to handle all your social needs today.

When it comes to the creative world, a Community Manager is a Jack-of-all-trades, and the master of some. The role requires strong writing and communications skills as well as expert knowledge in social media and skills in public relations, customer service, and some marketing experience. Key elements of the social media Community Manager’s job include:

  • Strategy, including creating multi-faceted strategies for various consumer-facing channels
  • Content creation including websites, blogs, social media posts, and interaction with platform followers
  • Public relations managing things like events, networking, press releases and product announcements
  • Social media on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms across the digital stream
  • Customer Support as the front lines for consumer complaints, help inquiries and more on social media
  • Analytics to track and measure website and social media engagement

The Community Manager is perfect for any size business, but especially small and large sized businesses. When a company is too small to have multiple departments to handle marketing communications, this is the most efficient and effective expert to hire. When a company is very large, a Community Manager (or two) handle all forward facing social media leaving your Digital Strategist and Copywriters to focus on what they do best. Ultimately, the Online Community Manager job is a king of business development, using marketing communications and consumer engagement to increase sales and grow your company.

Community Manager Skills Needed

A Community Manager has a wide range of business communication skills. They are intuitive marketing experts. Social Media Community Manager jobs require solid content writing skills and can figure out the voice of a company that will resonate across a target audience. They can communicate quickly across a variety of venues and digital platforms.

good managers are collaborative working with teams to develop strategy and implement activities to build your business. They are great problem solvers and enjoy an analytical or creative challenge. They love the digital world and are passionate about staying up to date and curious about the latest trends in social media.

The Community Manager is an organized time manager, personable and a natural at online networking. They have impeccable follow-through and are extreme multitaskers. They also understand how content should be written in a way to share information while subtly leading viewers to a sale and how responses should be created to keep consumers and potential clients happy.

Suggested Software Proficiency

The Community Manager knows just enough to get the job done across a variety of platforms. Some of the foundational programs include:

This person is extremely web-savvy, and must enjoy being online day in and day out, using the medium to solve problems and conduct research.

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