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You won’t find the typical Creative Director drinking hard liquor and then napping on the agency couch at noon. Don Draper jokes aside, the Creative Director does have a difficult task: they must lead a group of Copywriters and Graphic Artists to develop marketing and advertising creative for clients that will help them sell their products and services. First start with a Creative Director Job Description.

You will typically find a Creative Director at the helm of a marketing or advertising department, although they can work everywhere from video game design companies to film and high fashion houses. Their role is to plan advertising and marketing campaigns and oversee the creative processes. Like Don Draper, they’re often in the room with the client when advertising ideas are presented.

Creative Directors know a little bit about a lot of advertising mediums, including print, digital, radio and television. And most are deep specialists in one or two. Most importantly, they understand what motivates consumers across a variety of industries and how to get the best work out of a creative team. Advertising Creative Directors understand the latest trends in design, help bring in new clients, and select creative team members.

Creative Director Skills Needed

A Creative Director role requires:

  • Leadership
    Artists can be temperamental, not to mention the clients themselves. The Creative Director must work through the range of personalities associated with the commercial artistic process and harness teams together to produce a unified advertising product for a client. Then they must sell the client on the idea.
  • Creativity
    They must have an almost instinctual grasp of what will work when branding a client or developing a marketing plan and understand what creative concept will play well in the market.
  • Analytical
    Understanding the data presented to them helps a Creative Director keep track of market trends that sell more products.
  • Decisive
    Creative Directors are the “deciders,” and must select (and defend) the final artwork, from commercials to ad copy.
  • Managers
    The best managers have excellent interpersonal skills, which in this role will help them “herd cats” – keeping agency deadlines on track and creative teams organized.

Suggested Software Proficiency

The creative director needs to be a “jack of all trades and a master of none” when it comes to software. The role requires a working knowledge of everything from the Microsoft Office suite to high end project management software, graphics programs, and online market research.

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