Job Description UX Project Manager

When it comes to a website, a UX Project Manager worries about the things that matter most to business:

  • Adoption
  • Growth
  • Margins
  • Retention
  • Revenue

The UX (User Experience) Project Manager controls the process of improving the user experience across the digital stream on a website or an app or some other application requiring user interaction. It’s a newer discipline, and the User Experience PM is at the forefront of this emerging field.

The UX Project Manager harnesses the skills of Graphic and Web Designers, creative teams and marketing departments to launch and maintain a particular digital effort. The goal is always to increase the interactivity and enjoyment of a website, app or other digital project. If you’re a User Experience PM, you focus on driving the team to accomplish the end product; for example, launching a new website for an established company that engages consumers so they buy more products or services.

UX Project Manager Skills Needed

UX Manager job descriptions should attract candidates who are creative but also analytical and task driven. They must be good listeners so they can take the clients initial concept and oversee teams that create a design in a targeted medium that incorporates the vision and brand of a product, service, an advertisement or other graphical content. They must also have a can-do attitude that finds the way around roadblocks so the team reaches their end goals.

UX Project Managers are team-oriented collaborators, who are patient with a process as they work to meet deadlines. They are project leaders who must be comfortable working with a client while using their best “inside voice” to push artists and web designers to do their best work under deadline. Understanding client goals while being driven by a complex timeline of tasks requires finesse as well as stress management and organizational skills.  UX PM job descriptions should bring in people who can manage details while seeing the big picture – and accomplishing it.

Suggested Software Proficiency

The UX Project Manager should be very comfortable with project management software. User Experience PMs should also be familiar with a variety of graphic design programs, spreadsheets and customer research tools. Staying on top of the latest software and industry trends is important.

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