Should I Be Live Streaming Video for Business?

Should I Be Live Streaming Video for Business?

We’d like you to put a sticky note on your computer that says, “Get the business into video ASAP.”

Live streaming video is becoming the latest marketing/communications tool adopted by businesses seeking a competitive edge with consumers. Companies now have an inexpensive and easy way to interact with potential customers in this real-time medium, allowing access to live events and creating feeds that include communications with employees that are dispersed across the globe.

Live Streaming Video for Business

Don’t listen to us – check out the stats:

  • In 2014 video content made up 64% of the world’s Internet traffic.
  • Cisco data tells us by 2019 video traffic will make up 85% of all Internet activity in the U.S.
  • Traffic from mobile and other data devices will rise to 66% in the next four years.

Video for business is hot – and getting hotter.

Should My Business Offer Live Streaming Video?

Two New – and Two Old Video Stream Apps To Check Out

If you’re looking for the latest launch, check out the 2015 release of Periscope, the live streaming video app on Twitter. Periscope has exploded into the marketplace. Now you can post live videos as part of your tweets, which we think really expands possibilities for that character-limited platform.

While it’s true that Periscope may be an upstart compared to established brands like Meerkat, it has some clear improvements: it’s chat function is solid, plus you can save videos for later review and even line up your shot before go-live – features not currently available on Meerkat. With that said, Meerkat was established for iPhone users, so if your business is tied to this technology, you can stream live video straight from your phone.

The Livestream app is an established brand, streaming thousands of live events daily, published by businesses and individuals all over the world. Then there’s Facebook Live, a decent response to the streaming video craze. It’s an iOS  app that allows real time communication, then lets you save the video and post it on Facebook. Around three billion people are watching videos on that platform daily, so check it out if branding on Facebook is important to your business.

What About Snapchat?

should my business be livestreaming Snapchat is a 2011 launch, which has grown into an exceptionally popular mobile app where users can send both videos and pictures  (snaps) – and then watch them self-destruct after viewing. You can add graphics over the top of the shot, which is fun, and send it as a text message. We also like the story feature; you can broadcast a 24-hour collection of your photos and videos.

For now, Snapchat is very popular, especially with teenagers – until the next video streaming app comes along.

Go Video or Go Home

Like the Periscope website says, “A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video can take you someplace and show you around.” If you need short-term project assistance, to help you embrace the video era, look no further than Artisan Talent. Contact us today!

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