Long Term Freelancing: How to keep them happy

Long term freelancing How to keep freelancers happy

Are you working with freelancers or dealing with long term freelancing in your staff? Part of the trouble with working with freelancers is that jobs come and go. Each individual can choose to take on work with you or other companies, and this work could be available all at the same time. Do you want to make sure your work is prioritized? There are four good tips for standing out as a client.

Give Clear Instructions

The first thing you can do to make a project worth a freelancer’s time and energy is to make your instructions clear. Instructions that are too long or too complicated can be seen as a sign that a client doesn’t know what he wants, and that means time and energy spent that the freelancer isn’t necessarily being paid for. When freelancers see complicated or conflicting instructions, it’s often a red flag that can prevent them from working with you again. Keep them on your long term freelancing list by being clear and communicative.

Respect Your Team

Respect is important when it comes to freelancing. Freelancers are their own bosses, and they’ve worked hard to hone their crafts. If you want to hire a solid team of freelancers, it’s because you need their expertise in a field, whether it’s graphics, writing, or editing. Just as you’re an intelligent entrepreneur, they are as well.

Pay Well

Another thing that will help keep your freelancers or freelance team happy is paying an appropriate amount for the work that’s been performed. Most freelancers like to make more than minimum wage; for instance, earning $50 an hour by writing 834 words at $0.06 per word can easily work out to a $3,000 month with only two hours of work a day in an average 30-day month. If you’re offering the same freelancer only $0.03 per word, he will have to work twice as long to earn the same, and that’s a turn off. Is your project easy enough to warrant low pay?

Another consideration is that you get what you pay for. Do you want high-quality writing, graphics, or editing work? Pay more for an experienced freelancer to get the best quality for the money.

Pay On Time

The final way to keep your freelancing team coming back for more is to pay on time. Even the best paying gigs won’t have anyone return if the pay for the job isn’t done in a timely manner. Remember, most people like to be paid when the work has been finished and within the month.

Ready to Hire a Great Team?

Are you ready to learn more or to hire freelancers in your area? After all, freelancers are the new trend in hiring. Prepare yourself to work with the best and to keep your freelancers happy with automatic tax with holdings and prompt and on-time payments made with the help of our staffing agency at Artisan Talent.

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