Back to Basics: Old School Marketing Techniques

Old School Marketing Tips

Spending Less = Making More

Marketing has gotten increasingly sophisticated. Demographics allow you to divide and conquer your target audience by segments. Pay per click and complicated algorithms increase search engine optimization. The science and technology of the digital era have changed the way many companies do marketing.

If you’re not quite ready for the latest in digital techniques, you can spend a lot of money on traditional display advertising. While you may not be able to afford a Super Bowl ad, local television advertising can still help your business grow, if it’s done properly. But what about spending less to make more? Are there marketing techniques out there that are low cost but still effective?

Our Favorite Old School Marketing Techniques

The Testimonial

There is still great power in good old-fashioned word of mouth. Asking an existing customer to share their story in the form of a testimonial is a great way to entice other patrons to have the same experience. You can use a simple written one or two sentence quote on your website or on a mailer and we guarantee it will get noticed.

The new school version? Yelp and Glassdoor

Snail Mail

Speaking of direct mail, a postcard is still one of the most efficient and potentially eye-catching ways to tell neighbors about your business. We like postcards because they are the anti-email; since people don’t write letters any more, a simple, colorful postcard will stand out in that pile of bills that comes to your mailbox every day.

Want to mix new school and old school? Send a Postagram!


Everyone loves something for nothing, and that is exactly the idea that coupons play to. If you take that postcard mailer and add a coupon to it, you’ll even be able to track whom you reached and their response rate. Tracking the ROI of any promotional campaign is a particularly important part of the process. Add in some new school tech by creating a special shortened link to include on the postcard or coupon.

Have a Customer Appreciation Day

The restaurant chain Applebees has free pie Wednesdays. Max and Erma’s offers $5 cheeseburgers on Thursdays with all you can fries. A lot of restaurants have one day a week where kids eat free. A customer give back day really does let the community know you value them and want them to keep coming to see you.

Hold an Event

Midwestern grocery chain Kroger has live music, wine tasting and free food on Friday nights. Costco offers free samples of the foods they sell daily. These are great examples of how you can have an open house or other event that invites the community to come in and get to know you a bit. You can even invite the local media to come experience the fun. Can’t host an entire event by yourself? Team up with a like-minded business to co-host an event and share the cost.

Need More Great Ideas?

These are just a few relatively low cost marketing strategies that still work – and aren’t tied to a digital device.  Artisan Talent can connect you with marketing and creative experts who can help you reinvigorate your sales funnel by coming up with creative, low cost techniques to build your business. Contact us today!

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