Revamp Your Resume to Impress Freelance Hiring Managers

revamp your resume

As companies scale back on permanent staff, more look to hire freelance designers and writers to handle their design, development, and communication needs. However, just because there is more work in these fields does not mean it is easier to find employment. Conversely, because there are more freelancers applying for these jobs it makes the competition even stiffer.

Since your resume is one of the first things a hiring manager or client will see, take some time to give your CV a bit of a makeover so that you can feel confident it stands out among the rest.

Revamp Your Resume: Update Your Skills

If your resume notes Image Ready, Front Page, or Write! as software that you are familiar with or Cold Fusion as part of your website development skills, you should consider updating your skill set. People like to see that you understand legacy tools, but they also want to know you have evolved with the times and can master current programs.

Reflect Your Latest Work

If you haven’t touched up your resume for some time then you may need to revisit it to update any projects you have worked on recently. While you’re at it, make sure that when describing the project you describe actionable outcomes that showcase your strengths. Add in numbers, stats, and outcomes you can brag about.

Give Your Resume a Youthful Look

Experience is definitely a good thing to show in a resume, but you don’t need to go all the way back to the paper route you had as a kid. Find a cutoff point for your experience and keep it relevant to the job or assignment at hand. If you feel the need to list older jobs, add an “Additional Experience” section to your resume. Many people will not read anything beyond a second page. Read about the 1 page debate here.

Once you revamp your resume to make it reflect your current abilities, take the time to read over it for any grammatical errors or formatting issues. This is your first shot to prove your professionalism, so do it right! Once you’ve revamped, make sure to check out our current job openings.


Editors Note: This post has been revamped from its original version and freshened up for accuracy, timeliness, and to help you get that job.


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