Resume Statistics: 3 Easy Ones to Add

Resume Statistics

3 Easy Resume Statistics to Add

Are you full on resume statistics? Everyone knows that statistics add value and insight into reports and documentation — but what about resumes? Statistics are an excellent way to distinguish your resume from others and to create an authoritative, confident review of your own abilities.

Look Towards Revenue Improvements and Expense Adjustments

  • Improved revenue by $450,000 year-over-year…
  • Reduced overhead costs by $12,000 through…

Prospective employers want to be able to quantify the improvements that you made in your prior positions — and, hence, what you can do for them. By looking at the raw numbers of your last position, you can give them specific answers regarding what you accomplished in terms of improving your prior employer’s cash flow.

Use Specific and Accurate Statistics Regarding Business Improvements

  • Increased employee retention rates by 15.6%…
  • Reduced employee accidents by 86% by implementing…

Statistics don’t always have to be related to expenses and income; they can also be directly related to the improvements that you made during your time at your company. “Reducing employee accidents” can be vague; it doesn’t give your prospective employer a clear picture of how impactful your presence was at your prior company. By adding statistics, you flesh out your accomplishments and improvements, making them more meaningful.

Measure Your Own Performance through Data

  • Took 0 unanticipated hours of time off throughout a 12 month period.
  • Logged an average of 18 hours of overtime a month at employer request.

Finally, statistics can also measure your own performance and give your employer a better idea of what they can expect from you day-to-day. Take a look at your own performance for any insights that you can offer regarding your behavior as an employee. This can include the amount of sick time you’ve taken, the hours you traditionally work, and anything that you’ve done for your employer upon special request.

Keep Standing Out

Statistics are a fantastic way to differentiate your resume from other candidates. Through statistics, you can create a more engaging resume and prove your worth as an employee. For more information about developing a better resume and finding the perfect position, contact us at Artisan Talent today. Search our open jobs, submit your resume here, or keep reading…

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