Summer Jobs: When Job Opportunities Increase

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Summer isn’t just for lovely weather and going out — it’s also a great time to search for a job. From seasonal jobs that can be later transitioned into full-time and permanent opportunities to internships, tourism or just the great outdoors. It’s not too late if you’re looking for summer jobs.

Internships and Entry Level Jobs

For those who have just graduated, summer is often the best time to get your foot in the door. Many people find themselves frustrated with so-called entry level positions that actually require experience. But during the summer, many true “no experience” summer internships and jobs targeted towards recent graduates are opened up. Summer internships can often be leveraged not only for experience but for a future position with a company, and today many internships are paid.

Summer Jobs and Seasonal Work

There are many seasonal and summer jobs, from seasonal labor work to camping and holiday park jobs. In particular, if you love the great outdoors, there are likely many more opportunities for you to get work during the summer. Resort jobs often crop up in areas that have significant tourist flow, and other jobs will spread out from there, such as service industry related jobs. Though there may be some concern with after summer downsizing, individuals who prove their worth as employees will often be held over later on.

Any Level Jobs

Don’t assume that just because it’s summer, more people will be looking for work and competing with you for positions. While college students do tend to look for summer jobs, they may not be directly competitive with you in your field. Just like at Christmas time, many job seekers in the summer are focused on family and vacations, so it’s the perfect time to get your foot in the door.

Fix up your resume, emphasize your experience, and remain confident and dedicated, and you should be able to get a job any time of the year. For more information about landing a job and finding the best job opportunities, contact us at Artisan Talent. Ready to look for work right now? Click here to get started and submit your resume.

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