How to Get a Job: 5 Crazy Creative Ways

How to Get a Job: 5 Crazy Creative Ways to Get Hired for the Job

Wondering How to Get a Job?

The trick to landing that dream job in your creative field is standing out… in your field… preferably with a proverbial giant neon billboard blinking over your head that says, “I rock! Hire me!” But if you don’t have the neon billboard, here are some other ways job candidates have been able to tackle employers into hiring them.

Shock and awe

There was one guy who bought a Google Ad with his target employer’s name in it. He got hired. A designer wanting to work for Mattel sent a customized Barbie doll in with her resume. She got hired. “Invent or design something **** remarkable,” insists the chief creative officer Pete Favat of ad the agency Deutsch.

Shocking…within reason

The risk-taking, attention-getting stunt is great, but always remember to “know thy audience,” and make the stunt or gimmick appropriate to the job or company you’re aiming at, otherwise you risk turning off your potential employer, according to Forbes. Like the one guy who brought in a bunch of stuff off the hiring managers Amazon wish list. The hiring manager thought it was pretty dang creepy and the guy didn’t get the job. Nor did the guy who sent a shoe to the hiring manager to “get a foot in the door.” The resume submitted on a chocolate bar, though? Winner!

Create until your eyes bleed

People in hiring positions in creative fields got where they are by constantly throwing new ideas out there. They want to see hard work as well as creativity, not just creativity that pops up occasionally without a lot of blood, sweat and noodles. So constantly build, create, invent and update your body of work, whether you’re currently employed or not, and make sure it’s out there and visible.

Solve real problems

Peter Favat also pointed out the example of a guy Deutsch recently hired all the way from Mumbai. He invented a clever LED lights and music display that would show up on a public wall where men used to urinate. This creative public-shaming campaign utterly solved the problem, and the guy got the job. Find something that bugs everybody and make it better!

Be influential

Chief creative officer Jason Peterson of branding agency Havas says that if you can’t sell yourself, you’ll have a hard time selling or influencing for your employer. So be active on social media, constantly update your website, YouTube channel or other media outlets; for that matter, make sure you have them to begin with and work tirelessly to keep them relevant. Just don’t do these 4 things.

The Bottom Line?

So take chances, get crazy and design a few well-calculated stunts! It’s entirely possible employers won’t be able to say no to your charisma. If you need to pow-wow with someone about creative ways to get noticed and hired by an awesome company, we can help.  Talk to us today.

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