Starting Out As a Freelancer: Getting Your First Job

Starting out as a freelancer getting your first job

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Starting out as a freelancer can be daunting, but with the right portfolio and education to back you, you will get that first job sooner than you think. Here are a few ways to make yourself stand out.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

Even if you don’t have education in writing, art, or other activities that you want to freelance, you do have some experience. Did you write for a school newspaper? Did you create graphic designs for a band as a teen or make some cute stickers for a charity? If you’re interested in a job, you need to show why you have the knowledge to accomplish it; any little expression of your talent can be used on your resume to make it stand out.

Here’s an example. If a graphic designer has no education to write down but has done an internship at a newspaper in the art department, the designer could put this on the resume. If that same designer has no experience but has knowledge of the programs used to create art digitally or traditionally, then the designer can list their skills in those areas instead of placing education or past jobs in the resume.

Create a Strong Portfolio

Probably more important than a resume is your portfolio. Your portfolio can be built up over time, letting you put only your best work forward.

Still not getting jobs, even when you have all your best pieces available for potential clients? Consider revamping your portfolio. If you’re a writer, have an editor go over your work to double check that you haven’t left in errors. If you’re a designer, try to group similar styles together and create different portfolios for each; a client wants to see what they will get from you, not the variety of styles that you could create a final piece in. Simple, clean, and classic portfolio designs stand out the most.

Getting that First Job

These are just a few ways you can make yourself stand out from others applying for a job. Keep applying; your first job isn’t far off.  If you’re ready to find work to start your career, contact us at Artisan Talent by clicking here. We love placing people in jobs.

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