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Guest Blog: Filing Taxes as a Freelancer

  Filing Taxes as a Freelancer: You probably have the same dirty secret as many other newly minted freelancers, you […]

How to Create a Freelance Team That Works for You

Need to Create a Freelance Team? When you’re working with freelancers, it’s important to keep each person on your team […]

Slideshare Presentation on Why Freelance Through an Agency?

SlideShare for creatives: Why freelance – you want to be a freelancer?¬† Working for yourself, setting your own schedule, and […]

401K for Self Employed

As a self employed or freelance worker, benefits are probably one of the major things that you’ll miss. While you […]

New Tech: Managing Freelance Billable Hours

Photo from How do you keep track of your billable hours? While you could always decide to write down […]

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