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Avoid These Web Design Flaws To Elevate Your Website

Every professional web designer wants to deliver an end product that makes your client do a happy dance while singing praise. […]

Web Design and Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is one of the most popular of all current web design trends. It’s a unique scrolling method used […]

What Healthcare.gov’s Failings Can Teach Website Owners

Healthcare.gov – A Case study You can also learn a lot from the failings of others. The good thing about […]

10 Tips to Help Optimize Mobile Landing Pages

 More than 90 percent of the world’s population – a reported 6 billion people – have smart phones. This ought […]

From Pencils to Pixels: How Print Designers Can Go Digital

Should I Go Digital?  The world of professional design has undergone some radical changes in just the last ten years. […]

Being “Human” on Facebook Could Do Wonders for Your “Like”ability

Your “Like”ability There’s great value in looking at current web design trends and social media outlets if you want to […]

Responsive Web Design: Embracing the Post-PC Era

Responsive Web Design  The era of the PC is over. Done. Finito. Call it a day. If you’re a professional […]

The Rise of the Social Media Interview and How to Nail It

The Rise of the Social Media Interview There have been thousands of books written on the subject of how to […]

How to Merge Content Marketing with Mobile Design

How to Merge Content Marketing with Mobile Design Content marketing with mobile is the practicing of publishing and sharing content for […]

Basic Coding Mistakes We’re Still Seeing in 2013

Basic Coding Mistakes Experienced programmers still make simple coding mistakes. These errors can have serious, far-reaching consequences.  Compilation Errors A compilation […]

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