Back to Basics: Who is Your Target Audience?

Who is your target audience

Let’s revisit the marketing basics of the target audience. In today’s digitized speed-of-light world, marketing has become increasingly complex, personalized, and micro-managed down to the tiniest algorithm. But imagine what the art of marketing would be like if we narrowed our attention by focusing in on the basics.

In sports, coaches teach the fundamentals of ball handling and the basic body movements needed to achive the win before undertaking more complicated skills like navigating complex plays. Marketing was designed to help us sell our products and services. So in marketing, what are the fundamentals we should understand before tackling sophisticated strategies like SEO? The answer is to revisit the concept of the target audience.

The Basics of Marketing: Target Audience

Who are you selling to? If you’re looking for a fresh approach, we recommend you start back at this basic concept as you begin to develop a successful business growth plan. No content should be written, no ad copy developed, and no strategies created without first understanding your audience. Ask yourself:

  • Who buys my product or service?

    • Is who is buying now different from a year ago?
  • What motivates them to make a purchase?

    • What need are you fulfilling?
  • What do you know about their likes/dislikes?

    • Are there market factors that could change their preferences?
  • What do you understand about their demographics:

    • Age
    • Education
    • Gender
    • Income
    • Marital status
    • Occupation
    • Race

The final step in your back to basics exercise should be a reflection on this question, “How are my competitors reaching this audience?”

The Art of the Target Audience

The tone and voice of your marketing efforts should always reflect an understanding of the customers you serve. This initial process of research and reflection may yield some interesting insights. You may find that you have even have multiple target audiences. If this is the case, a successful marketing plan will need to divide and conquer this audience by particular demographic or behavioral characteristics. Design each segment of your marketing plan toward reaching each of these populations.

For the new business, this foundational exercise is a must do before any marketing is undertaken. For the established business, this must be revisited periodically as market trends may shift — along with who is buying. If your business has been around a few years but sales are dropping, go back to the basics and review these fundamentals as a way to get a handle on why your market share is slipping.

Bring in the Pros

Sometimes the art of simplification – or going back to the basics – is the best way to relearn the fundamental rules that will help us successfully market our companies. How do we know this? We’re Artisan Talent, and we’ve been providing companies with creative teams to help them market their products and services since 1988. Contact us today to find out how our teams can help you re-imagine your business — and sell more than ever before.

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