Graphic Design Ranks in the Top 15 Best Freelance Jobs

Freelancers and independent workers are a growing cadre of the U.S. workforce according to Forbes. “They already account for an estimated 16 million workers, and recruiting firm MBO Partners predicts that figure may rise to 65 million by 2020 if existing trends continue.” Regardless of career path, there’s money to be made in freelancing, and the payout is continuing to climb in popularity. Just take a look at this chart from

Freelance Graphic Design

Top 15 Best Freelance Jobs (in terms of Pay)

Given that the market for freelancers is increasingly growing, and the Graphic Designers profession is so well populated, you might think that these graphic design professionals are having a hard time finding work, right? Not at all. The reason there are so many graphic designers out there is because there’s so much work available in graphic design. In 2012, it ranked in the top 15 best freelance jobs (in pay) according to, ranking at number 12, to be precise. In 2015, Peerhustle listed design in spot number two in their “Top 12 Paying Freelance Careers,” although many will note that Graphic Designers are needed to work in tandem for almost all of the freelance jobs listed including social media, mobile development, and the like.

This should be a revelation to anyone who’s been playing with Photoshop and buying into the common wisdom that graphic design is no way to make a living.

How to Freelance in Graphic Design

So how do Graphic Designers make such a comfortable living when there are so many others in their field doing the same thing as they do? Well, one of the most useful pieces of self employment advice that you’re ever going to receive is this: don’t do what everyone else does. That doesn’t mean “don’t do graphic design,” that means “don’t do the same kind of graphic design as everyone else.” Rather, fill a void.

Somebody out there is already the very best at banner ads for jewelers. Someone out there is already the very best at book cover designs. Somebody out there is already the best at most of the obvious jobs, and the way to succeed in freelance graphic design is the same as succeeding in running a restaurant or designing fashion: find an area of the industry where you can be the best.

If we’re being honest, you will probably never be the very best, most popular and most well-paid graphic designer out there, but you might be the best at making independent movie posters, or the best at designing fliers for comedy shows. Don’t compete with everyone else – fill a void.

Find Work in Graphic Design

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