5 Reasons We Heart Creatives

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Valentine’s Day may be over…but we’re still feeling the love. From lava lamps to office pranks, we love our creative teams. They are interested in everything, brightening our offices and changing the public image of our businesses. If thoughts can change the world, our creative teams are truly transformational; from classic Super Bowl ads to data crunching that helps you sell more products, the people that make up creative teams are earth shaking mountain movers in the business world. Thats why we heart creatives.

Here Are 5 Reasons We Heart Creatives

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1. They Have Great Socks

Not to put fashion pressure on your marketing team, but seriously, in our experience no one can rock a red velvet suit like a creative designer. While every day may not be a Lady Gaga experience, you can always count on a a tiny bit of embellishment to accompany their professional attire. At minimum, keep your eyes peeled for great socks — or perhaps, no socks at all.

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2. They Have Lava Lamps

Exploring a creative person’s office is like discovering the eighth wonder of the world. From Troll Dolls to Chia Pets, a creative office staffer knows how to bring it when decorating their personal office space. We once came to work on a Monday to find that our traffic manager has laid purple plush carpet in her office so she could nap on it at lunch time.


3. They Have the Best Water Cooler Stories

Creative teams get their ideas from all everywhere. This means they come to work on Monday with some really interesting stories. If we wrote down even half of the tales told by our creative teams, we’d probably be richer than Stephen King.


4. They Have Fun While Meeting Deadlines (Somehow)

We never understand how they pull off their creative ideas every day while still meeting deadlines. It’s like magic.



5. They Approach Tasks with Relish and Verve

This may feel a little exaggerated, but don’t you find that creative people approach tasks with a certain level of energy that the rest of us just can’t seem to match?


Bonus: They are Simply AWESOME

There’s something about tapping the creative section of our brains that seems to help these team members thrive.

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