How To: Stand Out at a Staffing Agency

How to Stand Out Staffing Firm

Need a job ASAP? Wondering how to make your new Recruiter fall in love with you? You’ll need to stand out. Here are some simple tips to help differentiate you from a sea of other talented candidates and resumes. Millions of words have been written with advice to help you ace job interviews, create a perfect resume, and write that cover letter,  but less has been explained about interviews or presentations to creative staffing firms. Remember employment agencies owe their first obligation to their clients to recommend the best talent that fits their companies’ needs.

How to Stand Out

Instead of restating 5 or 10 tips to deliver a fabulous job interview performance, here is just one: Treat your approach to creative staffing agencies just like you would for an employer job interview.

For example, assume you seek lucrative production artist jobs and opportunities. Here are some things you should do…

  • Research creative staffing firms to find those that seem to offer exciting assignments
    Seeking freelance or full-time web design jobs with a staffing firm that specializes in accounting and finance personnel may not be the best option. Find the right match for you.
  • If you’re a newer freelancer, practice, practice, practice your approach and presentation to experienced recruiters
    Practice until you are totally comfortable with discussing your qualifications and convincing creative staffing recruiters that you are a reliable, skilled, and dedicated professional.
  • Create a career resume that sparks sincere interest in you, not just your qualifications
    If you were seeking talent for creative jobs, what resumes would trigger your interest? Put yourself in a talent representative’s shoes—if you received dozens of resume each day, what information, layout and highlights would make certain candidates stand out?
  • Always remember that your recruiter (interviewer) is on your side, but has deeper obligations to their client (employer)
    Present yourself as a “likeable” candidate. However experienced and clinical, recruiters and hiring managers prefer to work with people they like. Recruiters understand what their clients want and do their best to match the ideal candidate for them. However, you’ll always stand out if you are cooperative, talented—and likeable.
  • Remain calm and professional
    If you develop the ability to remain calm and professional during the “getting to know you” process, you’ll stand out, as it will be assumed that you will project this attitude during your assignments.
  • Display confidence, not cockiness.
    People, recruiters included, respect confidence and control. Few, if any, enjoy big egos. Being thoroughly prepared for a telephone or in-person interview with a staffing recruiter should give you the encouragement you need to make a strong impression.
  • Follow Up and Check In
    Just like you would for an important job interview, send a note thanking the interviewer for their time. Here’s how to write one. Don’t forget to follow up on occasion in a non-annoying way if you are still looking for a job or had a change in desires.
  • Connect
    The easiest way to stay top of mind is to see and be seen. Network with other professionals, attend events your staffing agency sponsors, and most importantly: accept that Recruiter LinkedIn request.

Creative staffing firms (and their clients) want to deal with professionals. Even if you are a fairly new graduate or beginning a freelance career, display professionalism, commitment, and dedication to your craft. Experienced creative staffing recruiters will respond with more confidence and belief in your abilities and talent.

Ready to Get Started?

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