How to Nail a Video Job Interview: Tips for the Interviewee

How to nail a video job interview

Looking for a job? Practice smiling, because it’s likely you’ll be on camera, says Time Magazine.

The tumultuous world of content marketing is changing as video continues to reign supreme. A recent Forbes article stated that in the next three years 80% of all Internet traffic would be directed to videos. Branded video marketing isn’t just for blogging and advertising though; it’s also the hottest tool available to recruiters. If you’re a candidate or a company and haven’t adapted to the video interview, you will. Being comfortable with the technology and the process is imperative; with video becoming the go-to medium for everything from product descriptors to the latest in recruiting, it’s definitely time to brush up on how to nail a video interview.

We’ll tackle some of our top tips in a two part series. Let’s start with some suggestions for the job candidate.

Video Interview Tips for the Job Seeker

1) Technology

Always use the device you’re most comfortable with. If you own multiple gadgets (laptop, tablet, smart phone), pick the one that you use the most often. Test the Internet connection and sound before the interview and make sure there are no annoying pop ups that will interrupt you.

2) Setting

Make sure you’ve picked the best location for the interview. You’ll need to be distraction-free in a non-noisy location. A plain wall is a good backdrop. Test the lighting to make sure your face isn’t in shadows and there’s no glare reflecting off your glasses, if you have them.

3) Practice

It’s not a bad idea to set up a mock Skype (or other platform) interview with a friend. Make sure you pick the friend that can give you candid feedback on how you came across on camera. If you can record the session and play it back, it could go a long way toward helping you improve your performance.

4) Prepare

A standard part of any interview is to research the employer and jot down your questions in advance. Practice making eye contact into the camera as you ask the interviewer questions. Don’t forget to look through the lens, instead of lower on the screen to the image of the interviewer when answering questions.

Video Job Interview Follow Up

Once you’ve aced your video interview, make sure you send a thank you note  just like the traditional face-to-face process. Need help on what to write? Read this post on “How to Write a Post Interview Thank You Note” here. Want the scoop on more hot employment trends for 2016? Read “Creative Job Trends for 2016” or “The Marketing Generalist.”

Looking for a job to interview for? Check out our list of open positions here.

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