How To Hire The Perfect Project Manager

How to hire the perfect project manager

A Good Project Manager is worth their weight in gold. They can make or break a project. Their work can have a very positive – or negative effect – on your company’s bottom line. No matter what industry, hiring the right Project Manager can be very important to your business.

What Makes a Good Project Manager?

The best Project Managers have financial savvy, scheduling and organizational skills to keep tasks running smoothly and below budget. But they cannot stay immersed in excel spreadsheets, either; they must also be people-centric and able to manage teams that have different and sometimes conflicting goals. Ultimately, the PM is responsible for signing off on the final deliverable. It’s a very challenging role, high-pressure and fast-paced.

How to Find the Perfect PM

The best Project Managers are often certified as PMPs. PMP stands for Project Management Professional. The certification is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI offers eight certifications. Attaining one is more than just a feather in your cap – it signifies a serious professional focused on a level of excellence above industry standards. PM roles are in high demand and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics stated PM roles would grow 15% from 2012 to 2022. If you are a hiring manager searching for the best PM, we recommend:

  • Creating specific (non generic) job descriptions for the role. Describe the project and put some time into considering the skill-set needed to be effective.
  • Don’t job stretch – critical projects need singularly focused managers. With today’s economy it may be tempting to involve a PM in project implementation, but you’ll get further utilizing them as leaders.
  • During the interview, gauge the candidate skill-set by asking about past experience and specific methodologies they utilized. Ask what documentation process they’ve used. What projects were successful – or not – and what they learned from failing.

In the creative world, PMs help your client-projects stay on track. This means less churn and burn, and ultimately, more security for your firm. Planning and implementing a big project creates challenges for the project team. Having a Project Manager can help the process flow smoothly from start to finish.

Hire the Best Today

Outsource your next Project Manager to Artisan Talent. We understand the skills needed for this challenging role and stand poised to help you find the best talent – fast. Contact us today to discuss how a qualified Project Manager could turn things around for your team.

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