freelance employees

It’s Not Just About The Skills: Finding Employee Fit

When you need to fill an open position, you’re searching for someone who possesses the right qualifications. You want someone […]

How to Win the Talent War

Win the Talent War There’s a bit of a war for winning talent these days. Finding the best in creative […]

Slideshare Presentation on Why Freelance Through an Agency?

SlideShare for creatives: Why freelance – you want to be a freelancer?  Working for yourself, setting your own schedule, and […]

Long Term Freelancing: How to keep them happy

Are you working with freelancers or dealing with long term freelancing in your staff? Part of the trouble with working […]

New Trend: Freelance Employees

Linking Employers with an I-9 Workforce Today, 53 million Americans are freelancing instead of working fulltime. This “I-9 economy” makes […]

Approaching Freelancers: Long-Term Projects

Long-term projects can be a holy grail for freelancers, but only when there is enough money and instruction to benefit […]

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